Nov 13, 2015

Take 5 Sew-A-Long, Day 3

Yesterday we looked at an option to upcycle tshirts! Did you make one? If so don't forget to share in the LLK cafe our sewing group on FB. We love to share and find inspiration from our sewing friends! Today we are going to sew up another 4 panel version of the TAKE 5 skirt and add a ruffle trim around the hem of the skirt. So go gather your panels and lets get going. take5elf-6 Once the skirt is constructed we can work on adding some trim. Now a few years ago Chez Ami had a BIG sale in my town and I stocked up on knit bias binding on a roll. At the time I wasn't really sure what I would use it for as it is only 1" wide so not quite wide enough for bias trim or straps. But for $1 a roll I knew it would come in handy! Then one day I thought why don't I ruffle it and use it as trim on skirt and dresses! And the rest is history! The best thing about using KNIT trim is that it will not fray so I chose to leave mine raw. knit bias 3   I take my roll of knit and I slide it into my ruffler foot attachment for my Bernina. I continuous ruffle until I have one long strip. Now, if you don't have a ruffler foot, you can hand gather this too or try to learn to do it on your serger there are lots of blog posts out there. Also, if you don't have knit bias on the roll like me you can just cut strips of 1" knit and sew them together. This knit is actually interlock so just a bit of stretch. knit bias6   knitbias1 Once I have my ruffled strip ready I head over to a flat surface and pin it all around the hemline. Yes, you can leave your skirt edge raw. But I decided to serge it to help provide some weight for the ruffle. When the two ends meet I just tuck in each raw end and sew down remember to use coordinating thread as you will see these stitches! If it's too long cut some off... If it's too short you may want to measure first to ensure you ruffle a long enough strip. I eyeballed it! KNIT Bias2 Add the yoga band and you are finished!!! Now isn't this the sweetest thing? take5elf-9 Come back tomorrow and we have a sweet surprise for those little one's DOLLS! Thanks for sewing along with us! And loving LLK patterns! take5dolly

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