Nov 12, 2015

Take 5, Sew-A-Long, Day 2

Today we are going to begin sewing our Take 5 skirts. If you didn't get the pattern yet it is available HERE with code "takefive" for the sew along! So you have your pattern ready. You have your fabrics chosen. You have decided on the option to create? I am going to take a Tshirt and up cycle it to use the main print as one of my 4 panels. I chose a swim shirt from our previous swim team in our neighborhood. We miss our Sharks so much. This is a child's large (it was Sawyer's don't tell him) and I measured the front print to see if it would be large enough for the cut I needed to make a size 8 skirt for Sadie. I followed the directions to cut LxW for 1/4 of my panels. take5elf-3 I then lined up my larger ruler and drew a line across the width and length trying to include as much of the logo as possible. See that shark? It has all the swim team kids' names in it!! What a fun way to remember her time swimming with her friends. take5elf-4 Once I had my markings set with an erasable fabric pen I drew the lines and then cut the fabric. I did not open the shirt to save the back but you could do that too or cut up the sides to use both parts of the shirt. The back had all the Team Sponsors so I wasn't going to use it! I then continued to cut all the other panels out of prints I chose. take5elf-5 And there you have it your 4 panels ready to sew up. One thing to remember because this skirt does not need the stretch in the skirt portion only in the waistband you can really use any knit fabric so all that interlock you bought by accident---PERFECT! When constructing the 4 panel skirt it is IMPORTANT to remember how to lay out the pieces especially if any are directional! The pattern shows you how to lay them out so when flipped and worn they are in the correct direction. So for example my mermaid scales top left panel look like they should go the other way but they will when worn since it will hang down where the current top of the cut is laying. The pattern describes this in great detail. Now follow the pattern and sew your panels per directions. take5elf-14 Once you have them sewn together you will fold them so you have to folded edges on the sides. You will follow the pattern and measure from the corner down on a semicircle. I like to take my long ruler and put dots all the way from side to side and then draw a connecting line with my erasable marking pen. Using a rotary cutter I follow the line and get a nice clean edge. Then use the skirt cutout template to cut out the top corner and you have a skirt that just needs to add the waistband and decide on hem options! take5elf-7 This waistband I chose to use doesn't have a ton of lycra so you can see it won't stand up but it works just fine! I also changed my fabric layout as I wanted to see the stunning mermaid scales from the front! take5elf-11  
 When deciding on a hem you can do a few things. I chose to do a rolled hem on my serger with a lettuce edge by keeping the fabric taut as it feeds through the serger. Another option is to leave it RAW as knit does not fray. You can also hem it on a circle by serging it first to get some weight and then iron it carefully around and hem. Others choose to use hem tape to help keep the circle in place. Whatever works for you is great! Sadie was thrilled with her new Swim Team skirt and what a great way to save and up cycle all our memories! I think I will make another with her current swim team and use terrycloth for the coordinating panels to throw on over her suit in between races!!! Another option is to take old college shirts or sports shirts and up cycle them for GAME DAY!! Thanks for sewing along! Remember to share your creations!!!

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