Sep 25, 2015

Perfect Ten Sew-a-long, Day 5

Last one! Day 5!!

Hi Ladies! I am back!!! Today is a little different from the rest of the Sew Along days. I wanted to share with you a little modification of the pattern I did.

My first thought when I saw the Perfect 10 top was,"wow, wouldn't that be a cute top to put with leggings?" So I made one up. I wasn't unhappy with it, but it wasn't "flowy" enough for me to consider it a tunic. I am well blessed in the trunk and my little girl isn't huge there, but has a little something, something. I like loose coverage for both of us. So I thought, Maybe I can up-size the main body of the shirt. I kept thinking a bit more and thought a giant pocket would be cute to match the leggings I had planned - not garanimal match, but coordinate. My brain kept going, and I thought wow, it would be really cute with a rounded hem and slits up the side. And of course you know all this deep thinking was happening at 3am when I should have been sleeping. Well, I attempted all of the above. There were a few boulders along the way, and some bumps and bruises to my ego, but I made it work!

Here is what I did:

My girl generally wears a 3t. So I was thinking I could keep the chest, neck line and sleeves a 3t. Then I could make the length and body width a 5. I traced them with the original pattern with the squared hem. Then I took the pieces, (already perfectly folded in half since they were cut on the fold) stacked the bodice front piece over the bodice back piece, and trimmed a curve along the outer corner of all pieces. That way my curves were all identical. 

Since the shirt has a curve at the hem and a slit, I decided I should hem it first. This is where I hit my first bump in the road. I had a hard time getting it to fold over the way I wanted it to on my cover stitch machine, so I took it over to the iron. I added 1/2 stay tape along the bottom edge and up the curve and then ironed up the 1/2 inch. 

Please excuse my big ole' head shadow. I sew, photography is NOT my strong suite. Once I had the hem ironed up, I took it back over to my cover stitch machine. Phew....soooo much better. 

Next I did my pocket. I wanted it to be oversized rectangle. So I just followed the directions for the heart pocket, but on a rectangle. I finished up the rest of the shirt as instructed in the pattern, until I got to the side seams. I know I wanted there to be a slit at the sides. So I guestimated (not a great idea to do this) how high I wanted the slit to go. Of course I took into consideration how far up my hem went. I started at the armsyce and sewed down. I made sure to unfold what I could close to the hem and get the stitch and close down as I could to the hem. I repeaded that on the other side. Once I had both side seams done, I laid it flat and folded it in half to see if my slits matched.

Enter Boulder in the road #2. Of couse since I guesstimated, they didn't match. URGH!! So I had to ever so carefully unravel my coverstitch, being very cautious not to unravel the entire thing, then restitch down to that point. Since I unraveled some of my cover stitch, I wanted to make sure everything was locked in real good. So I took the shirt over to the iron, ironed the side seam to the back. Ran back to the sewing machine and did a zig zag tac stitch the last 1" of the side seam. Then I finished the Shirt as stated in the pattern. 

I thought it looked fantastic and was so excited. So I ran up the stairs to put it on my girl with the leggings, and show my husband. The first thing out of his mouth "did you intentionally make the pocket that big? Is that a kindle pocket or something?". Yeah, yeah, we all got jokes. Funny husband. Although he was right. The pocket is rather large. But it's ok, creative license right?? I bet no one else is going to make a pocket that big. That makes my shirt original. Haha! 

The other thing I noticed, and this happens when you venture off on your own, The width would have looked nicer with the slits if it was cut at more of an A-line instead of straight down. Trial and error. But all in all, my own version of the Perfect 10 was a success! I would LOVE to see your modificiations! Share them in the LLK Cafe!! Tag me so I can see!! 


Thanks again for talking this journey with me. Sewing is so much more fun when done and shared with a friend. I hope you have enjoyed the sew along and I can't wait to see what you create. 
Until Next Time, 


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