Sep 24, 2015

Perfect 10 Sew-a-long, Day 4

Day 4:

Only 2 things left and our Perfect 10 shirts are done!!!

I, Natalie from The Sassy Pumpkin, your tour guide on this journey, am ready to finish these shirts and see them on my girl!!!

Day 4: Inserting Sleeves and Hemming.
I normally cheat with sleeves and sew them in flat and then sew them together with the side seams. But in the interest of hosting the sew along, I did them as written in the pattern and inserted them on the round. The first thing I did was fold the sleeve in half. I used the side seam of the sleeve as my guide and marked the opposite side. This gives me a guide to insert my sleeve in easily. Now we need to pin our sleeve to the shirt. This is the tricky part. You want your bodice right side out and your sleeve inside out. Now hold your sleeve upside down. So the hem band is at the top. Next you will slide the hem of the sleeve over the sleeve opening of the bodice. Making sure right sides are together, until the raw edges of the round part of the sleeve match the raw edges of the sleeve opening. I pin at the top where marked on the sleeve to the shoulder seam, and then the side seam of the sleeve to the side seam of the bodice. Then I ease in the sides. When you are done you will have something that looks like this:

After you have it all pinned in place, you sew it on just like you sewed on your bindings. Very carefully! I start from the side seam and work my way around. You may have to stretch the sleeve ever so slightly to ease it in. But it should be a pretty good fit. This isn't a puff sleeve. Repeat on the other side and admire your work!

The only thing left to do is our hem!! If you chose the hemband option please refer to page 61 in the pattern. I did the simple hem because I knew my girl would be tucking this shirt in. I did do my hem a bit differently than the pattern. I just recently purchased a coverstitch machine. I am still learning and haven't quite mastered the hemming on the round. So I hemmed my front and back bodice before I sewed them together. 

For basic hemming, turn up the bottom 1/2 inch, iron and then flip over and zig zag, double needle or triple stitch. When I use my conventional machine for knit hems, I will generally use about a 1/4" wide strip of knit stay tape, or knit interfacing, so when sewing it doesn't get all stretched out. Just be sure the direction of the stretch on the stay tape is going in the same direction of the stretch in your shirt. 

Give your shirt a good steamy press, and you are D.O.N.E. Done!!!! Yay! Be sure to go and show them off in the LLK Cafe!

Be sure and come back tomorrow, I would like to share with you one of my own modifications of the

Perfect 10 Pattern!!

P.S. If you still want to purchase this pattern, go straight to the LLK website and use the coupon code perfect10 for a discount! Find the Pefect Ten sewing pattern here!

Don't forget to post pictures of your progress and final project. Mabel Madison is donating a $35 gift card, and LLK is donating gift cards to their pattern shop!! Post pictures on Facebook in the LLK Cafe!

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