Sep 22, 2015

Perfect 10 Sew-a-long, Day 2

Day 2:

Hi y'all! Natalie here again. Are you all ready to get started???
So today is Day 2: Options and Cutting. By now you should know way too much information about sewing and picking out knits.  Are ready to check out the options (they don't call it Perfect 10 for nothing)???  Below are ALL of the options available in the pattern.

1. Heart Pocket
2. Peter Pan Collar
3. Ruffled Neckline
4. Ruffled Shoulder
5. Button Placket with Ruffle
6. Bodice Bow
7. Button Tab
8. Bubble Sleeve
9. Double Ruffle Sleeve
10. Rouched Hem
11. Sleeveless
12. Short Sleeve
13. 3/4 Sleeve
14. Long Sleeve
15. Basic Hem
16. Hemband
17. Enclosed Neckline
18. Basic Neckline

Is your mind spinning yet??? That is 18 variations in the pattern. Think of all the different combinations you can make out of those options alone!!! And there is still room for you to be completely creative. I will share my own creative modification on Day 5.  Below are pics of some of the options I chose to do in the few shirts I made. 

Basic Neck Binding, Heart Pocket, Short Sleeves  
(I did add in there my own little hand applique, Hi Elephant!!)

3/4 Sleeve with my own crochet lace trim addition. 

Bubble Sleeve

Peter Pan Collar with Crochet Lace Trim

Now that you have chosen which options to do, gather all of your pattern pieces and let's get to taping. They are all no trim pages and should line up great. Go on over to page 3 and check out the measurements so you are sure to pick out the correct size. I like to conserve paper where possible. Since I am one of those crazy people who like to print all of the pattern, I trace whatever size I am working on out on freezer paper. Here is all the peices taped together and my freezer paper size 3t all traced out. 

Lay out your fabric, being sure that the stretch is going in the correct direction! And cut out all of your pieces!! Be sure to  check out the cutting charts on page 6 and 7 to get the measurements for your hembands and bindings!

I will chat with y'all tomorrow and we start sewing!


P.S. If you still want to purchase this pattern, go straight to the LLK website and use the coupon code perfect10 for a discount! Find the Pefect Ten sewing pattern here!

Don't forget to post pictures of your progress and final project. Mabel Madison is donating a $35 gift card, and LLK is donating gift cards to their pattern shop!! Post pictures on Facebook in the LLK Cafe!

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