Aug 14, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-A-Long, Day 4

Day 4: Skirt Assembly Next your skirt and I know everyone has their own system on how you sew your garments. Lay your skirt pieces right sides together and sew down one entire side. I then take my skirt to my serger and serge that same side. The stitch from the machine keeps your skirt together; the serger keeps your material from fraying and cleans it up nicely. Lay it out completely flat and iron. Now because I added two different kinds of trims I have to assess my skirt and where I want placement of it. I measure where I want to place my smaller crocheted lace and then iron and measure that entire length of my skirt. (No one said this would be quick) I then pin the entire length of that lace along that ironed line. Believe me you will thank me later for taking the extra time to make sure it’s straight and pretty. STEPHKRNpiecescut Sew that beautiful lace onto that skirt! So pretty. Now if you are adding a ruffle this would be the time that you want to gather your ruffle and add it to the hem. I wanted a statement bottom to this dress so I went with this gorgeous ivory lace. This also will not be quick, you want to evenly disperse that ruffle onto that hem so measure your ruffle in half and pin it to the seam on your skirt first. By doing it this way it ensure that you have even distribution of your ruffle on both sides of your skirt. Pin, pin, pin and sew! I serged my lace and the bottom of my skirt before I added my leather panel to the skirt because of the leather you don’t want to run that bad boy through your serger, you will have needles flying everywhere and may cause more damage to your machine then needed. Don’t even take that chance, just be patient and move slowly! J Once I attached my lace to the hem, I sewed it together, then flipped that seam and ironed it flat giving my bottom a nice French serged seam. I again covered my leather when I ironed with a scrap piece of fabric. Topstitch along the top ensuring that the seam is secured to the skirt. Look back and admire your handy work, you are almost done!! Placing right sides together sew and serge the other side of your skirt and you have a finished skirt ready for gathering! DSC_6671 I choose to always gather two to three rows depending on the thickness of my fabric. I used a linen and it’s not thin or thick so I went with two rows of gathering stitches. Set your machine to the longest stitch it offers and a loose tension, you want to knot one end when you get your rows sewn. Now grabbing the non-knotted ends pull gently and start gathering. Also by sewing two or more rows of stitches if one row breaks, it will save you and you can still manage to finish gathering the entire row. Do this to both sides of your skirt. DSC_6673 Now is when you can assemble your entire dress together!! Almost done! I always place my bodice over the tops of my skirts when I sew them together, it you prefer to do it the other way around but all means, like I said do what you are used to and what you are comfortable with. Pin your sides together first, lining up the seam of your skirt with the seams of your bodice. Then evenly distribute your skirt fabric along the inside of your bodice. Pin, Pin, Pin and then take to your machine and sew making sure you have your leather needle in your machine again as you sew these pieces together. Sew. I stopped once I got to the leather pieces and due to the thickness of it I actually hand fed it through and used my hand dial on the side of my machine to feed that leather through without turning my needle on sewing that leather through slowly without damaging my machine, breaking needles or bending the shaft on my machine. PHEW! Once your bodice is sewn together serge it. Again, I stopped up to the leather, did not and do not serge your leather and continue on. DSC_6675 Iron and topstitch and you are done!! Abby2 Thank you for joining me for the sew along, this is my favorite dress and I hope you enjoyed your week with me! Don't forget to add your finished creations in the KRN album in our LLK CAFE so you can be entered to win a fabric GC or a pattern!!! Abby4-2

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