Aug 12, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-a-long, Day 3

Knot Right Now
Sew-A-Long, Day 3
Welcome back!! If you don't yet have this fantastic pattern, find it here!

Now we are going to sew the bodice pieces together to give you that beautiful clean look inside your bodice where there are no exposed seams and it looks pretty! I chose a contrasting fabric for the inside of my bodice so that it would be easier for you beginner sewers to understand how to do this step. Add your straps to the correct measurements and then you want to take your right sides together and line it up.

The orange fabric to orange and the mustard fabric to mustard. Pin all the way down those sides and match it up.

 Sew each side, making sure you reinforce with a back stitch when you start and stop. DSC_6656
 This is what it will look like when finished. DSC_6663
 Flip it right side out and iron. Now you want to topstitch your entire edge along the top of your bodice. Pretty, I love to topstitch, it is just a perfect finishing touch. DSC_6664
Tomorrow we will construct our skirts!! See you then!

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If you still need the pattern, you can find it here! Use coupon code knotrightnow to save 20%!

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