Aug 11, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-a-long, Day 2

Knot Right Now
Sew-A-Long, Day 2
Welcome to the Knot Right Now Sew-a-long. If you don't yet have this fabulous pattern, find it here!

Cutting Fabrics & Bodice Front I am choosing to make my dress with a wide lace band at the hem, please feel free to do a ruffle, lace trim or just leave your hem with a clean line. Cut those according to the pattern directions. Either of these options are perfect in every way, and again, do with whatever moves you. There are moments that I actually spend more time pairing up combinations then what it takes me to sew the actual dress. STEPHKRNpiecescut
 Lets get started on your straps. Your straps for your dress are going to be ironed as if you are making actual bias tape.

Personally I love this way with or without ruffles and your strap is thick, heavier and lays really nicely over the shoulder. You want to iron one end over just a tiny bit so you have a nice clean finish when your strap is completely sewn. Then, iron your strap in half, unfold and take one side, flip it into the middle of the strap where your iron line is from before and iron down again, take the other side and do the same thing and then fold it completely in half the long way so it look like this. Iron is well; use steam if possible or some starch and just let it go. Do this also to your other strap and set aside.

 Lets DECORATE our bodice. steph bodice pieces
I want to explain a little bit about adding a panel in your bodice and the easiest way that I do it. Most of the time I just add a panel of some sort to the top of the entire bodice such as a ruffle, some ribbon etc, but because this is leather and it would look odd sitting on top of my bodice I need to cut it apart. steph bodice pieces steph bodice center
 So how I do that is I iron my bodice in half and then lay my leather piece in the middle of the line and then snip the material at the bottom where the leather is. Now, this entire middle piece will be cut off of the bodice. steph bodicecut   steph bodice cut in halfJPG
 I take it to my machine and clip the leather to the fabric, you don’t want to pierce it with pins, it will leave holes and then I take it to my machine and sew it. stephleathersewingtogther
 Repeat on the other side and do the same thing so you achieve this look when finished. I then take my bodice panel to my ironing board, lay a scrap piece of fabric over my bodice piece and iron flat. You don’t want to directly steam and iron your leather. stephbodicefinished
 Then, take to your machine and finish that panel piece with a pretty top stitch. stephbodicelining
Next, lay your inner bodice piece on top of your original bodice piece and pin together, again not pinning your leather but just your fabrics. Sew along the arm holes and top only. Take this to your iron once finished, turn it right side out, make sure those corners look pretty and iron it down. PRETTY!! ADDING BUTTONHOLES: Ok, this is where if you are doing button holes for the first time or the hundredth time it can get a little tricky for you. I kind of formulated my own system in making button holes for my KRN dresses. I have 2 inches from the leather to the end of the bodice at the top so I measure half way which is an inch and I mark it with a pin, I then measure two inches down and mark it at an inch and a half and mark that with a pin. stephmeasbttonhole stephbuttonplacement
 This is where the bottom of your button will start on your machine. Again, this is the way I do my button holes, if you have another way you prefer by all means, do whatever makes you feel comfortable.
 Add your buttonhole maker to your machine, line it up and let it do its thing. I formulate the same thing for the other side also. stephbuttonholesewing
 Once finished, sit back and admire your hard work, you need to recover from not breathing while you waited for the final reveal. stephbuttonholepretty
Take your handy dandy seam ripper and rip the inside of that button hole apart. Putting a pin along the one end horizontal to catch the seam ripper is a great safety precaution!! stephseamripper
 Go slowly my friend because if you don’t, well I would hate for you to have to start completely over if you rip through. I snip any threads hanging out and then move onto my back bodice pieces and your straps. Admire your front bodice. Tomorrow we will add the straps and construct the entire bodice.

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