Apr 27, 2015

Everyday Play Skirt, Sew-A-Long, Day 4

Everyday Play Skirt Sew a long Day 4

Lets gather up our rickrack, ruffles, lace or anything you would like to hem your skirts. If your doing a traditional hem you may also do that as well. When adding rickrack or lace I prefer to have finished the edge of my skirt and stitch it down on the right side of the skirt first.

Next I flip it to the wrong side of the skirt to leave a scalloped finish and top-stitch in place.

On my Other Skirt I used a traditional hem, if you are adding a ruffle finish follow pages 9-13 in the tutorial for 2 more ruffle options.
Tomorrow in Day 5 we will be gathering our skirts and making our waist bands to attach them. Thanks for sewing along!
Also make sure you stop over and Thank Andover Fabrics for sponsoring this Sew-a-longs prizes!
Thanks for Sewing a long!
Heather- Leslie's Lavish Boutique

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