Apr 20, 2015

Everyday Play Skirt - Sew-A-Long, Day 1

Everyday Play Skirt - Day 1
I want to start by saying thank you once again to Little Lizard King for having me host the Everyday Play Skirt sew-a-long. I have made so many of these skirts I lost count a while ago. You can not go wrong with this fun playful pattern. Make it simple for everyday play and fancy for an occasion. We will be adding a few extra touches to ours this week including inseam packets and outside pockets. I even added an apron to one of these skirts! While your at it you may want to go snatch up the Perfect 10 because these two patterns go great together!
Day 1- We are going to pick out our fabrics and and trims or buttons you are going to use, if you need your pattern go to Everyday Play Skirt and get it using the coupon code "me&mom" You can also pick up the ladies version using coupon code "mom&me".
We won't be sewing today so read thru your pattern and decide witch options you will be choosing. I look forward to seeing your fabric selection in the LLK Cafe.

Time Table for Sew-a-long.
Sun- Fabric and trim selections
Monday- Cut and piece together skirt (unless you will be adding pockets)
Tuesday- Inseam and Outside pockets.
Wednesday- Trim and ruffles and Gathering Skirts
Thursday - Attaching skirts to waist bands
Friday- Show off your creations
Also make sure you stop over and Thank Andover Fabrics for sponsoring this Sew-a-longs prizes!
Thanks for Sewing a long!

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