Mar 9, 2015

Elise Dress, Sewing Pattern, Sew-A-Long - Day 1

It’s here: The Elise Sewalong! I released this pattern a year ago, just in time for Easter. The fans of Little Lizard King quickly sewed up hundreds of adorable dresses. You’ve shared pictures of your prized creations with us and we thank you for reminding us why we do what we do!

Of course, the absolute truth is that I design for you because I sew for my own baby. I find such joy in the things I make for her, that I grade the patterns, write the tutorials and then have other passionate sewing mamas test for fit, so that you can rest assured that you are getting a pattern you will want to sew over and over again.

Over the last year, many of you have also asked a few “how do I go about…?” questions. This has inspired us to create this sewalong, to both celebrate the anniversary of this sweet pattern and also show you how to make a few modifications.

But first things first. If you don’t have the pattern yet, well go buy it! Here’s a coupon code to save you some cash: ELISESAL

Okay, so pattern is procured and I know you’re itching to jump in and sew... BUT, give the pattern a read-through first. There are a few options that will change certain steps, so reading through the entire tutorial before you start cutting is a must. Now is a good time to toss your fabrics in to wash if you haven’t already.

As we work our way through this sewalong, I encourage you *not* to work ahead. I am going to be showing several modifications that you can use with this pattern. If you overachievers skip ahead in the pattern, you might find yourself saying, “darn, I would have done that if I had known!”

The sewalong will teach you how to add flutters to the straps, and how to add loops to the back of the bodice for kiddos who aren’t fond of wearing halters. We’re also going to go over how to do a vintage/retro faux “collar” type of detail in place of the optional bodice ruffle. All of these are done with what I would consider scrap-size fabric pieces, so it won’t really have much effect on your fabric requirements, but it’s worth considering when digging through your fabric stash and planning your project.

Let’s see those fabric pairing photos! If you’ve already decided on your fabrics, hop on over to the facebook group and share what you’ve selected. If you need help deciding, show us what you’re considering and ask for opinions. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Timeline for the sewalong blog posts will be as follows:
Monday: Introduction and fabric cutting
Tuesday: Straps (with flutter modification) and sashes
Wednesday: Front bodice details (with faux collar modification)
Thursday: Bodice construction (with back loop modification)
Friday: Skirt construction
Saturday: Attaching skirt to bodice
Sunday/Monday: Show us your lovely creations! (or catch up if you need some extra time)

Stitching begins tomorrow, so now that you’ve washed and dried your fabrics, get them cut out. There are prizes to be won and of course, the best prize of all, is the beautiful handmade garment that you will create. If you haven’t sewn an Elise already, you’re about to learn why it’s an LLK favorite.

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