Jan 13, 2015

Blue Ribbon Sew-a-Long, Day 2

Happy Tuesday!!  Today is Day 2 of the LLK Blue Ribbon Sew Along!!   

If you missed Day 1 - no worries - you can catch up here. And remember to join us in the LLK Cafe where you can chat with others participating in the sew along and ask any questions! 

Today we are going to tap into our sew-jo and get this sewing party started!!!  Now, this pattern has a lot of pages, so I suggest just printing out the pieces and then reading the instructions from your computer or tablet.  Go ahead and print out your pattern pieces. Make sure to have "no scaling" clicked when you go to print. Then measure the box to be sure it measures 3 inches by 3 inches. You will be printing out the bodice and sleeve pieces, along with the optional pocket piece. You can either cut it out on the size you want or trace the size you want onto freezer paper.

Now before you go all scissor happy on me, take a look at your knit fabric. It is very important to note the direction of the stretch. I used a one way stretch interlock for my bodice. You want to make sure that the stretchiest part will go horizontally across the bodice and the same for the sleeve. Then move onto the reference charts in the pattern to cut out your binding pieces (remember that the longest length of the binding pieces need to go with the stretch), sash and skirting pieces. 

Just as a side note, it is really best if you use a fabric that has a good bit of stretch and recovery for your binding. I would recommend ribbed knit or cotton/Lycra. I used the same interlock as my bodice, I just had to be extremely careful not to stretch it out too much when sewing.
Once you have all the pieces cut out you should have a somewhat organized pile like this: 

You will notice in my picture that I have about an inch of something white at the bottom of my bodice pieces and sleeve pieces. My preference for stabilizing knit is to uses knit interfacing (you can also use clear elastic) . I use Pellon EK130 White Easy Knit Fusible Interfacing. You can get it at your local fabric store that sells pellon brand interfacing.  When I started using this it made a WORLD of difference in how my neck lines, sleeves and hems turned out. And it is especially good to use when joining knit to woven. No more lumpy, wavy seams!! 

So, how do you use it?? I used more than I normally would just so you can see in the pictures how it looks when applied. You will notice that there is one direction of the stabilizer that has some stretch to it. Don't stretch it too much or it will get all out of shape and curl up on you. Just a slight tug will tell you which direction the stretch goes in. 

You want the stretch of the interfacing to go in the same direction as the stretch of your bodice. I will normally use my rotary cutter and cut a strip that is the seam allowance by the length of the bodice width. If you cut it at the seam allowance you will not see the interfacing on the inside of your garment once it is all sewn together because it will be in with your seam allowance. 

Take your interfacing piece and bodice piece to your iron and iron it on. Repeat with your back bodice piece. Depending on how you want to finish your sleeves you can use it at the bottom of your sleeve as well. 

If you are attaching a binding to your sleeve you do not need interfacing.  I decided I wanted to be fancy and add a bubble ruffle to the bottom of my sleeve, so I put interfacing where I would attach the ruffle just so it would lay nice and not get wavy. 

Last up for Day 2 is to embellish our bodice and add the sash. 

Since I decided I would make mine an Easter dress, I wanted to fancy it up a bit. I added a tuxedo ruffle with 2 pieces of eyelet (zigzagged together) and then a cute little decorative piece of rick rac at the center. You can also embroider this piece, add a bib, buttons or any other embellishment your heart desires. 

I find it is much easier to embellish at this point before you start sewing anything together. 

Then add your center and side sash pieces as stated in the pattern.  I started to get giddy at this point. Ohhh pretty rick rac!!  Go ahead and post your embellished bodices for all to see!! And I will catch up with you tomorrow to put this bodice together!!

Don't forget to  post your photos of the Blue Ribbon in process in the LLK Cafe! Tag all photos with #brsal to be eligible for prizes.

The  FABRIC/PRIZE sponsor for our sew along is the Purple Seamstress!! If you have not already discovered her amazing knits go check them out!!! 

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Nicole said...

I just love the trim sewn together! I'm planning on having that trim on the bottom of my skirt, so now I just might put it up top too! Thanks!!