Jan 15, 2015

Blue Ribbon Dress, Sew-a-long, Day 4

Blue Ribbon Dress Sewing Pattern, Sew-A-Long, Day 4
After Day 3, our dress is really starting to take shape! You actually have a half shirt. Now you definitely want to finish, we don't want any belly buttons hanging out! 
If you missed all of the knit-tastic fun and tips yesterday, you can catch up on Day 3 here, ( Day1 and Day 2 as well). 

Today is the day for all of you creative, woven fabric experts. We are going to sew up our oh so twirly skirts!!  I don't know about you, but I remember being a little girl of about 8, pretending I was Baby in Dirty Dancing (don't worry, my mom made me cover my eyes in all the appropriate parts). I would make my brother dance with me so I could do that famous twirl. I would twirl and twirl until I was dizzy and fell. Then I would start all over again. This skirt is PERFECT for that!!!
A little sneak (shhhh - don't tell I showed you early!!) see that twirl?!?! 

Ok - enough of the rabbit trail, back to work! 
You should have a nice little stack of strips. I have 3 contrasting colors and eyelet for my skirt. 

Essentially we are going to sew all these strips together to form our skirt. I know that I wanted my eyelet over the yellow gingham strip. So that is where I started. I sewed the 2 gingham strips together at the short end, so I had 1 long piece. Next, I stitched the eyelet on top of the gingham. 

That left me with 1 long strip of gingham and eyelet. Next, I took my main skirt piece (little lambs for me) and sewed the 2 pieces together at the short ends so I had 1 long strip. (for the larger sizes you may have 3 pieces for each strip). 

Once I had my lamb pieces in one strip, I pinned the gingham/eyelet strip to the bottom with right sides together; making sure that the top of the lace was matched up to the bottom of the lamb piece. Sew together and then iron and topstitch.  

Once you have that done, go ahead and sew up your side seams. Make sure that your topstitching, gingham strip and eyelet all match up. Your skirt is now starting to take shape!!!  Now we want to add a ruffle all the way around the bottom of the skirt. Take your ruffle pieces and sew them all together - short ends - until you have a complete circle. 

Hem the bottom of the ruffle piece. Now before you go to ruffling, I find that it is easier to get all those ruffles even all the way around by pinning the ruffle piece in quarters. Then do the same with the bottom of the skirt piece. With the pins still in place, run a basting stitch at the top of the ruffle piece. 

Since the ruffle piece is sooo large, I baste from side seam to side seam in the front and then the back, side seam to side seam. That way I have 2 basting threads. I then match my quarters on the ruffle to the quarters on the skirt bottom and even out the ruffles. Make sure that right sides are together and raw edges are matched up, attach the ruffle to the skirt on the round.  

Once the ruffle is attached, finish the seam, iron the seam up towards the skirt and top stitch. WooHoo! Our twirly skirts are done!!! We are so close to being done, I can almost taste it!!!  One more day till we get to see our little girls face light up when they see our adorable dresses!!!  

Be sure to post your progress pictures in the album in the LLK Cafe so we can all see!! 
Until Tomorrow,

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