Jan 12, 2015

Blue Ribbon Dress - Sew A Long Day 1

Hi, Y'all!!  Welcome to my little blog! I am so excited (aka anxious) to be hosting my very first sew along. I am completely honored that I am guest blogging on the Little Lizard King blog AND get to sew up the **fabulous** LLK Blue Ribbon with you!!  
Now before we get started let's clear the air a little bit. "Knits are SCARY", "Knits make me nervous", "I can't sew with knits", "No way, no how". Is that what you are saying to yourself??!!!  Well STOP NOW!

Repeat after me: Knits are fun! (your turn), Knits are comfy! (your turn) Knits are cute! (your turn) Knits are EASY! ( your turn) I am NOT afraid! (your turn) 

Did you really repeat after me?? Get into it? Get stoked to try something new?? Well ladies (and any gentleman out there), that's right, I said knits are easy! It is mind over matter. You get scared before you start and you talk yourself into doubting your abilities. No more of that, the buck stops here. We are going to tackle this knit bodice, we are going to rock these new techniques and your little girl will look absolutely adorable and be oh so comfortable in the Blue Ribbon!! 

Now before we dig right in, let's go over the Sew Along Schedule. Don't worry if you get behind, or miss a day, you can always catch back up.

Day 1 - TODAY!! - Pick out our fabrics, decide on which version of the BR you want to make, and show them off!! 
Day 2 - Cut out all of our pieces, embellish the bodice, and discuss stabilizing that knit!
Day 3 - Bodice Construction
Day 4 -  Skirt Construction
Day 5 - Attaching the Bodice to the Skirt and showing off our dresses!!! 

First thing's first - RUN over to Little Lizard King to pick up your Blue Ribbon Pattern. And don't forget to use
your coupon code: BRSAL 

I think that the next step is the most difficult part of the whole process. Do I dig through my never ending fabric stash or buy new fabric?? hmmmm. What to do?? Well, since my husband freaked out the other week over the amount of fabric I have stashed away, I decided to dig through my stash. It took me forever to decide my main fabric and then even longer to decide trims. In the end I decided to go for an Easter theme. 

Now, what version do I want to make? It is still a bit chilly here in NC around Easter time, so I decided that I would do a 1/2 sleeve and add a little bubble ruffle sleeve embellishment to fancy it up a bit. For the skirt I went with all 3 trims and a bit of eyelet. Because you just can't go wrong with adding eyelet to anything! 
Here is what I came up with!!
 Be sure to share yours in the LLK Cafe album on facebook!! I want to see all of the different fabric combinations!!

Until tomorrow...

P.S. Melinda from Purple Seamstress Fabric is sponsoring a fabric giveaway for the sew-a-long winners! IF you have not yet discovered the Purple Seamstress, you are missing out!! Mel's knits are amazing!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/330896980339378/

Don't forget to  post your photos of the Blue Ribbon in process in the LLK Cafe! Tag all photos with #brsal to be eligible for prizes. 



Chasingmermaids said...

so excited!!!

Nicole said...

I ordered fabric and its not going to be here in time. wah! Guess I'll have to do some digging and see what I have in my small stash. So excited to try, though!