Nov 14, 2014

LLK Sewalong- Day 5 Retro Glam Skirt

Hello again friends!

It's our final day of the Little Lizard King sewalong featuring the Retro Glam skirt! We've already picked out our fabrics, cut out the pattern pieces, constructed the waistband and assembled the skirt. Now it's time to put it all together! 

Take your skirt and turn it inside out. With the waistband right side out, position the front of the waistband between four triangles. This will ensure the front of your Retro Glam skirt is centered. Pin to secure and continue pinning the raw edged of the waistband to the raw edges of the skirt. Sew the two pieces together with a 1/2 seam allowance and serge or zig zag to finish. 

Press the seams towards the waistband, flip your skirt right side out and topstitch. 

I also added a button for decoration....which my 10 month old likes to attempt to pull off. 

If you used buttonhole elastic, we have two more steps. Sew two buttons on, one between each side seam and button hole on the back waistband. 

Finally, thread your elastic through the two button holes and secure by looping one of the buttonholes around the button. 

Your Little Lizard King Retro Glam skirt is complete!! Hooray! Great job sewalong-ers!

It's time to share your finished Retro Glam skirts in the LLK Cafe. You can also follow Little Lizard King on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #LLKRetroGlam. We'll be on the lookout for your photo because.......drumroll please..... there are PRIZES!!!! Thats's right! Three lucky skirts will be chosen at LLK Fav, Fan Fav and Participation Winnner! 

It has been such a joy to host the Little Lizard King Retro Glam skirt sewalong! I hope you learned something new, enjoyed a few laughs and now have a beautiful new skirt. 

Before I close, here is my finished skirt:

Until next time! Xoxo,


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