Nov 11, 2014

LLK Sewalong- Day 2 Retro Glam Skirt

Welcome back!

If you're just joining the party, welcome! We're on day 2 of the sewalong to make the the Little Lizard King Retro Glam Skirt. Day 1 can be found here.  

I hope you are ready rock and roll! It's time to cut up the beautiful fabric you chose yesterday! 

First, you will need to cut 10 scallops and 10 triangles. Pay special attention to the "top" and "bottom" of these pattern pieces. 

If you have a non-directional fabric (I.e. one you can turn in any direction and it still looks the same), I found the cutting process to be much quicker by laying two of the same pattern pieces side by side. I folded the material and then laid there pattern pieces next to each other like this:

Wahla! Four pieces already cut!

I always try to figure out the quickest and least wasteful way to cut fabric. I'm sure you have some great ideas on how to cut these shapes too! Share away at the LLK Cafe

Put on some sweet tunes and cut away! Once you have your 10 scallops, 10 triangles, one piece of elastic, two pieces of lightweight stabilizer, front waistband, back waistband and (optional) side sashes, you're finished with day 2! 

Remember to share your fabrics and progress at the LLK Cafe! Use the hashtag #LLKRetroGlam because at the end of the week there will be prizes!! Eeek! 

Here is what I have:

Sewalong, farewell, (I know, now I've got the Sound of Music stuck in your head :) )


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