May 24, 2014

The Littles & Michael Miller Fabrics

Michael Miller Fabrics has a way of capturing our hearts with fabric. The featured line of fabric is The Littles

The color combinations in this line allow sewists and crafty moms mix and match prints with ease, create custom couture, and make memories with the Littles we love.

These Littles below captured my heart. 

Remember when you were little? Remember blowing dandelions and making a wish? Remember when a kiss from mom or a band-aid made everything better?

 The combination of navy and mint provide a perfect pop of color. The sweet styles with mix matched fabrics make the entire collection come alive! These models are just as sweet inside and out! Pink Pug Photography.

This dress was made using  the Little Lizard King halter dress sewing pattern. 

This pint size cutie pie is sporting the Swirly Skirt pattern and the world's cutest pig tails!

Big sister rocked the reversible Pinafore.

Tara Jones Photography had the inspiration for this darling fishing photo below. I'm personally in love with her matching mint converse!

Thank you, Michael Miller Fabrics for making such perfect fabric for the littles we love! 

Necklaces were made by Paradise Beads Designs, and hair accessories were made by Lil Beauty Boutique.

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