Feb 20, 2014

Tent Sew-A-Long, Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Little Lizard King tent Sew-a-long. For those of you wishing to add ruffles to your Tee Pee, lets go to page 8 of the Tutorial.

Determine how many ruffle layers you wish to make, and of which colors/prints.  (The amount of fabric and what sizes/lengths to cut can be found on the optional ruffle cutting chart on page 3.)

Draw a picture or layout the panel(s) you will add ruffles to; situate the fabrics in layers until you find what will work best.  You don't have to add ruffles at all.  You can fill every panel with ruffles, or you can place ruffles one only one or two panels, spaced along the panel, or filling the panel -- its up to you!

I think I'll only add about 3 ruffles to two panels.  

Let's iron our fabric.  I am pressing the top and bottom layers of the ruffle pieces as directed in the Tutorial, using my iron to create and hold the hem in place until I sew.  

To make ironing this very, very, long ruffle piece, I am folding the fabric as I go -- to give me more room on the ironing board.  It really helps a lot!  

When I get to the sewing machine or serger to start ruffling, I have a tidy pile to bring to the machine.

Let's gather the panels which will have ruffles, a straight ruler/edge, washout cloth pencil/pen.

Using the directions on page 8 of the Tutorial, mark horizontal lines for placement of the ruffles.

Page 9 of the Tutorial gives instructions on how to gather your ruffle pieces.  There are several ways to gather fabric:  sewing machine, serger, ruffler foot, are the ways I am aware of.  

My husband gave me a ruffler foot for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago -- that's what I will be using.

After gathering for what may feel like forever : ), follow the instructions on Page 10 to sew your ruffles to the panel(s).  If you are adding ruffles to the door panels, instructions for that are on Page 11.

I think I like this for my panels . . . . what do you think?

Upload your photos showing your progress here on Facebook:  Sewalong Tent

Don't forget:

We will be giving away not just one prize but three! Yes -Three winners will be chosen at the end of the sew-a-long, a random participation winner, fan favorite and a Little Lizard King choice! 

We will begin assembly of the tent next time we meet!


BONUS:  How to remove the lettering on your PVC poles

Its much easier than you think!  100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover!  Enjoy!

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