Feb 17, 2014

Tent Pattern, Sew A Long - Day 1

Gloria Richardson leads Little Lizard King fans in day 1 of our tent sewing pattern sew-a-long.

Two little girls that I've "adopted" as my grandchildren have just discovered the fun of playing in large boxes. Perfect timing since we're about to make a tee-pee for them to hide and play in!

LittleLizardKing has a beautifully designed Tee-pee Tutorial.  (Photo courtesy of Little Lizard King

And I get to host my very first sew-a-long this week!  

If you haven't bought the Tutorial yet, you can find it here.

First, let's gather our supplies

I went to my local Ace Hardware store to purchase (3) 3/4" PVC poles (each pole was 10' long); and (5) 3/4" stoppers to cover the bottom ends of each pole.  You can cut the poles in half yourself with a hacksaw; or, you can ask the employees in your hardware store to cut them for you like I did!

If the cut ends of your pole are a bit ragged, don't worry.  Those ends we will cover with the stoppers (or crutch covers) and the ends that were not cut will be used at the top of the Tee Pee.  (If you've got tennis balls, they'll work too - but will be a bit bulky when you close the Tee Pee for storage.)

Now, let's buy or re-purpose some fabric!

If you plan to re-purpose sheets or curtains, I found an article here to help you determine how much yardage you have in those items.  If you've changed bedroom themes and you've got extra sheets filling up your linen closet, here's your chance to use them!  Or better yet, you WANT to change your bedroom and the kids really want a Tee Pee . . . . Or, go by Goodwill or a thrift store.  There's always something there you can use and you'll be helping others by donating/buying from a charity.

I always wash and dry my fabrics before sewing.  This reduces the chance of shrinkage after the project is complete.  If you're using sheets, you've already washed them hundreds of times!

I purchased some fabrics from Fabric.com and have some lace, ribbons, and cording that I may use as well.

While your fabric is washing/drying, cut your poles in half if you haven't already had the Helpful Hardware Man help you in the store.  

We'll be cutting out fabric the next time we meet!


P.S. We will be giving away not just one prize but three! That is right! Three winners will be chosen at the end of the sew-a-long, a random participation winner, fan favorite and a Little Lizard King choice! 

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