Jan 26, 2014

Swirly Skirt Sew-a-long, Day 1

Scissors at the ready, printed pattern on standby... Its time for a sew-a-long!

 I am deeply honored to have been asked to host a sew-a-long for Little Lizard King! They are by far the best pattern creators in the hobby, and trust me I have done a few patterns in my day. If you have not liked them on Facebook, what took you so long?! Click here to like them now! If you haven't bought your pattern go get it here.  Don't forget to use discount code "swirly". 

I loved this skirt so much I made two already and I think you will feel the same. We will wait for you before we get started. Day 1: Print you pattern pieces and cut your fabric- I never print the whole tutorial to save ink so I printed the pattern cut outs on pages 4-7- that is all you need with your full tutorial on your computer. (4-6 if you are not doing a doll size). We are going to work on getting those fabrics cut next so dig out any lace or fabric you will be using for the skirt and ruffles now. If you have a stash, now is a good time to add more to it under the guise of a new pattern to sew. For the first skirt I picked 2 fabrics and went a little overboard with the lace($$), if there is such a thing... we just won't tell my husband how much I spent.
Lacey Swirly Skirt Fabric & Lace
For the second skirt I picked out 4 coordinating fabrics. Since I am sewing for Leslie, my little 6-12 mo model, I was able to get away with using fat quarters and got 2 swirls out of each!
Sunshine Swirly Skirt
Once you get that done pause and we will see you tomorrow!
Sunshine Swirly Skirt Strips
You have just completed Pages 1-8 of the tutorial. Hope you are loving this just as much as I am. If you have kids on the loose in your house put the cut out pieces somewhere safe. (speaking from experience) P.S. We will be giving away not just one prize but three! That is right! Three winners will be chosen, a random participation winner, fan favorite and a Little Lizard King choice!

With Sew Much Love,

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