Dec 13, 2013

Apron Sew-a-Long - Day 3

Hey all... most of you probably jumped on ahead... this pattern is so fast and fun and hard to stop! If you are one of those people, I can't wait to see your finished products. If you following along like me today is all about straps.

Go ahead and sew your apron straps and topstitch all around. Then pin them on to the apron following the pattern directions. Push them inside. You can pin inside to keep them out of the way but watch your fingers when flipping.

Go ahead and pin the backside of the apron RS together all around leaving the top open for flipping. Then iron all around and ooh and ahhhh and this sweet product. STOP HERE.. We will finish soon. If you can't wait, I get it. Go ahead! Either way - we want to see your photos! Share the pretty pictures in the LLK Facebook group, and see you at the finish line.

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