Dec 12, 2013

Apron Sew-a-long - Day 2

Introducing Raedene of Chasing Mermaids with Day 2 of our apron sew-a-long!
Apron Sew-a-long DAY 2:
So everyone should have their fabric cut and trims ready to sew on the front of our aprons!
If you are playing catch up here is a link to DAY 1. The pattern and discount code are linked there too.
Gather up all the embellishments and let your creative side go WILD! Here is some of what I chose to use.

Embroidered name/monogram on a bib style piece of fabric
Ric Rac trim around bib and pocket
WIDE ribbon across middle
6x6 pocket of coordinating fabric (cut 2)
button for center of pocket
ruffle strip ( 6xSW for girls) (4 x SW for doll) you may have left over pieces from the girls for the doll but I did 2 girls so I used it all
Then I went crazy!

Now the bib, pocket, and ruffle directions are NOT included in the ebook BUT if you want to try it, you can it's super easy! This is what makes this project so fun... be as simple or as wild as you want!!! For the bib, I took a piece of paper and marked the two ends of the top of apron and then hand drew a curved line to meet. Just a guesstimate. I traced that onto a piece of fabric. I sewed it on using the ric rac as the guide and to sew over the edges to prevent fraying of the bib piece.
No embroidery machine? No problem. There are some applique templates at the end of the pattern you can copy and add on. If you have never hand appliquéd before just google it there are lots of great tutorials! That's how I learned. A letter would be good too.
For the pocket I cut 2 pieces of coordinating fabric 6x6 sewed right sides together leaving a 1" space. Then clipped corners and flipped RIGHT side out and ironed flat and topstitched all around while catching the ric rac behind the pocket. I then sew the pocket/ricrac border onto the apron trying to sew over the existing line. There are many ways to do it... this is my method. I clip ricrac on the end and use a lighter to prevent fraying and fold down so they line up evenly.

The ruffle is such a girly girl addition. I cut my ruffle 6 x SW. Then I folded the ruffle strips in half WRONG sides together. I gathered the strip and then sewed it RS to RS on the bottom of the apron. Since the ruffle was folded WS together there are right sides exposed on both front and back of the reversible apron. I cut the doll version 4 x SW (you can use scraps here) but I was already cutting!
Just remember to fold the ruffle IN when sewing the back on tomorrow!
See Below as a REMINDER!!!

The dolly versions I chose to add a ric rac trim, ruffle and a button! My girls are going to flip!
If you have any questions at all visit us in the LLK facebook group linked HERE and we can share pictures and questions!
See you there!

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