Jul 1, 2013

Ruffle Skirt Sewalong - Day 1

Welcome to the LLK Ruffle Skirt Sew-a-long Day 1!

Today, we have four goals.

1. Select fabric for the skirt (This is always the hardest part of any project!). 
2. Determine how many ruffle layers you plan to add to the skirt. 
3. Cut fabric to size and serge or zig zag to finish the edges. 
4. Sew the ruffle pieces together into one long strip per ruffle layer.

Now - let's get started. Cut the skirt pieces as well as the ruffle strips. 

It's time to think outside the box with the ruffle strips. How creative can you get? Instead of using a single fabric for each ruffle, consider using lace, tulle, or a mix of fabric pieces for each ruffle layer.

 This particular skirt will have four ruffles, and each ruffle will use four fabrics. We've cut the ruffle fabric for each strip into four pieces (vs. two), but I personally like the ruffle strips best with a mix of six fabrics.  

Using a variety of fabrics in each layer of ruffle is a great way to use scraps and create a retro mix-matched look. Make sure the total width of each ruffle is equal to the total width listed in the measurement chart.

Sew the ruffle strips together. If using a variety of fabrics in each ruffle, vary the placement of each fabric to mix it up a bit.

That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for Sewalong Day 2!

We'd love to see photos of your ruffles! Post photos and ask questions in our sewing circle!!  Don't forget, we will select a winner (or winners) based on photos posted in our sewing group.


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