Jul 3, 2013

Ruffle Skirt Sew-a-long - Day 3

It's time to add the ruffles to the skirt! We love seeing all the pictures you've posted in our sewing circle!! 

The pattern provides one method of attaching ruffles, but you can also place the wrong side of the ruffle against the right side of the skirt, and sew the top edge of the ruffle strips to the skirt, using the previously drawn lines as a sewing guide. 

If using a stripwork ruffle, consider the placement of each ruffle layer. Try to mix it up a bit and avoid overlapping the stripwork seams on each ruffle layer. 

After attaching the ruffles to the skirt, prepare the casing and add the waist elastic

For a fun detail - sew a piece of ribbon, ric-rac, or trim to the top edge of the ruffle, covering the serged/raw edges and adding an element of contrast. I was dying to use some hot pink jumbo ric-rack, but I couldn't find it when sewing this sweet thing together.

Hem the bottom edge of the skirt, and you are finished!

That's it for the ruffle skirt sew-a-long!  If you haven't shared photos yet, head over to our sewing circle, and post pics of your ruffle skirt! We'll draw a participant winner early next week! Have a great fourth!!



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