Sep 25, 2012

Childhood friends and quilts...

When I was seven or so, my best friend and I, with the assistance of my mom, started to sew quilts. We cut, ironed, assembled, and pieced. We started with such enthusiasm, but alas, we never finished.

Thank goodness my mom kept the beginnings of our first quilts. I've had the quilt pieces in a bag for nearly three decades. At this point in time, the quilt will be a vintage piece of work, which is a little depressing, when I consider my age. Alas! In attempt to procrastinate from writing my dissertation, I decided to finish assembling the pieces into a quilt - for my daughter and my childhood friend's son.

As I started assembling the pieces I realized that it was pretty amazing we finished as much as we did as little tykes. I'm going to have three kiddo quilts in total. This would make a king sized quilt, if I so desired. As an adult with a knack for tenacity, I almost caved, but like I said, it's been almost 30 years since I started. Isn't it time I finish this thing?  OR things???

My daughter is the youngest cousin by twelve years (aside from our newborn), so she is often the center of attention. She LOVES having "fambly" over for dinner. My husband's entire family of four came to babysit over the weekend so we could attend the wedding for my oldest friend. It wasn't necessary to have all four, but they wanted to spend time with our girls. Very special.

As young children, the bride and I started piecing a quilt (probaby around the age of 8). I realized - if I don't finish this now, it will never happen. We had enough squares to assemble three small quilts (No wonder we never finished as children!). The quilts came together right before her wedding invitation arrived.

I'm a sucker for the sentimental, but not everyone is the same. We wrapped up the symbolic piece of our childhood with a sweet note. It was an unconventional wedding gift, and we weren't exactly sure what she would think of it. She sent me a text on the way to the airport that warmed my heart. She was ecstatic; she loved it.

Happy honeymoon, dear friend.

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love projects with a story!