Aug 2, 2012

Sewing for Big Kids

I recently culled through our selection of sewing patterns trying to identify our patterns that work for the littles. It's not fair to leave out the older crowd, so I decided to do the same for the big kids.

We get lots of requests to extend the sizing of our patterns beyond size 8. For those of you who are long past the baby phase, the following patterns will work for the big kids in addition to the littles.

Love Me Knot 6m-12

Cape 2-10

Crown 3m-adult

Apron 18m-10

Corset 6m-10

Swing Top 6m-10

Apron Knot 6m-12


The pictures may reflect more of a little crowd, but all of the above patterns will work for your big kids!!

Happy sewing!!

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