Aug 21, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I ask the server which item on the menu is their personal favorite. It's easy to assume that the staff always know the best kept menu secrets. In the same vein, I'm here to share a bit about my personal pattern favorites and why I like these items best. Want the inside scoop?

To start - 

Aline Dress- This is a reversible style that's a classic design. Perfect for monogramming. Wear it over long sleeves or alone. It's a year round winner and easy to make. I make these every season and in all sorts of fabrics I love the fact that you get two in once, since it's reversible.

The tote bag - Hands down, this is the one pattern I use more than any other. We have countless totes in our house, and I make them for friends and family regularly. Since the tute includes five sizes, it's easy to make for preschool, birthday party gifts, and beach bags. Applique and embroidery top off the personalization element. Simply put, I love the tote tute!

Tiered Ellie - The new patterns always hold a top favorite place in my heart for a period of time, but this one might have staying power. It's not a quick sew, but it is worth every second of time and every inch of fabric it requires. The twirl effect is grand and little girls and mommies alike LOVE this ballerina beauty!!

Apron Skirt - I make this skirt (mostly w/o the apron) more than any other in our repertoire. It's easy, simple, and cute. It doesn't require anything fancy, but I keep finding myself making this skirt, whenever I'm tossing together a sister set or just because.

Diaper Covers - These are the best gifts. I make loads of these for friends at baby showers. Perfect photo props. It's hard to go wrong with ruffled bum covers. At some point, I plan to add a doll diaper cover to match. That will probably happen around Christmas, because my oldest has already asked Santa to bring her more baby doll diapers. Stay tuned...

Princess Dress

Circle Skirt - This might be the easiest pattern we sell. It's hard to go wrong, when the patterns are so simple and so fast to make. I can crank these out in less than 20 minutes.

Baby Bubble - This bubble was on my mind for ages, and it took our newborn babe to actually get this classic bubble in production. It's perfect for girls and boys, ideal for applique and embroidery, and currently, it's the only pattern like it on Etsy; I'm very pleased with this one.

Bubble Dress - This is the dress is one that my oldest wore to the hospital to meet her sister. I'm not sure if it's the sentimental effect that softens my heart or it's the fact that this is a perfect party dress. Either way, it's perfect for parties, holidays, and meeting new siblings.

Carnation Creation - Aside from the tote tute, this fabric flower is probably the second most frequent item I make. I almost always transform scraps from a recent project into cute carnations.

Sun Suit - The sunsuit has been one of our most popular patterns of all time. It's up there with our Brooke Peasant Dress and the Pinafore. I love the finished look of the Sun Suit. At the time we created this pattern, no one on Etsy had anything similar. Now, there are several. I'm quite fond of the SS for it's adorable, edible style, and the fact that the sales have been so grand for our SS patterns and your finished products.

So....I originally intended to include ONLY a handful of patterns, but clearly I got carried away. We have almost 70 items in production, so I guess you could say that I kept things at somewhat of an overview.

I'm dying to hear about a few of your favorite things. Which LLK patterns are your go-to personal favorites, and why? Is it b/c they are quick and easy, cute and frilly, or classic in style?

Do share.

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