Jul 2, 2012

My Pocket Full of Posies - Customer Spotlight

 Allow me to introduce you to Patrice from My Pocket Full of Posies.  

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Patrice. I am a former science teacher and am now the owner of My Pocket Full of Posies. I live and work in a tiny Texas town with the three loves of my life - my husband, Robert, and our two darling children.
Baby Doll Twirl Dress by Patrice
2. Is there a story behind your shop name, My Pocket Full of Posies?
When I created my shop, I wanted to maintain an image of playful childhood innocence. As I thought back to my own childhood in Joplin, Missouri, I remembered playing "London Bridge" and "Ring Around the Rosie" with my friends on the church playground. "Pocket Full of Posies" popped into my head as a possibility for a name.  As I contemplated all of the different options, none of the others brought a smile to my face or the fond memories to my heart like this one did.

3. What is your sewing story?
I wish I could say (like so many others do) that I learned to sew from my grandmother at a very young age, but that wouldn't be the truth. It wasn't for her lack of trying, though. I remember both of my grandmothers attempting to teach me many a domestic skill from sewing to gardening to cooking and even how to play the piano, but I was quite a little tomboy back then and didn't have time for such nonsense. I don't think I was even able to sit still long enough for her to show me how to thread the needle. It wasn't until my little girl was born that I began to take up an interest in sewing. I saw all of the darling boutique items that my friends dressed their little ones in and wanted the same for my little girl... until I saw the price tags!!! YIKES!!!  After doing a little searching, I found a few online tutorials for some very simple pieces and amazed myself at how easy it really was. I taught myself a few more designs and began sewing for a few friends who encouraged me to consider selling my items. I am so glad that they did as I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and opportunities I have had these last few years as a result.
4. Who is your sewing inspiration?
At first, my inspiration was the childhood version of me. Like I said, I was quite a tomboy, but I did enjoy wearing pretty things (as long as they didn't slow my ascent up the hickory tree in our back yard). Now that she has gotten a bit older and has developed her own sense of style, though, my biggest inspiration is my daughter Madilynn (hence the addition of several new twirl dresses). Like I was as a child, our Madi Grace is a happy mix of tomboy and girly girl. She loves to go fishing, frog hunting, tree climbing, and berry picking.  Of course, doing all those things in a colorful, twirly dress only enhances the experience! I try to only choose designs that combine feminine and function and let little girls be little girls.
5. What was your biggest sewing disaster?
I’ve had a number of smaller “disasters” from sewing the button holes on the wrong side of the dress to attaching a skirt inside out, but my biggest disaster was probably when a customer asked me for a custom piece using the bodice from one dress and the skirt from another.  That probably would have been simple enough except that the pattern piece for the bodice only went up to size 6 and she needed a 12.  I had successfully altered a pattern for size before, so I figured I could do this.  I grossly overestimated my abilities.  The dress turned out very pretty except that it was big enough that you could have fit 2 of that child into it!  I SHOULD have scrapped it and started all over, but instead I tried altering it which turned into a whole OTHER disaster!

6. Tell us about your fabric stash, sewing space, and/or favorite sewing supplies.
One of these days I will have a fantastic studio with lots of storage where I can spread out and get really creative.  For now, though, my “studio” is a small corner of our dining room where my husband graciously tolerates the fabric strung over the backs of the dining room chairs and the pieces of stray thread that stick to his clothing worse than pet hair.  Since we live in a very small house, I try to keep my fabric stash to a minimum.  Several of the pieces I offer in my shop use fabrics that are easy to find at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s, so I don’t keep those fabrics in stock.  I’ve made good use of every spare nook in our home for storing the designer prints that I use and have to keep in stock.  I also have one tub of “Madi fabrics” containing prints that my little girl has picked out for herself.  Whenever we have a free afternoon, we’ll get out the “Madi tub” and make something special just for her.  As far as my favorite sewing supplies… since I absolutely LOATHE working with elastic, my EZ Pull Bodkin is my favorite little sewing friend.

7. Aside from sewing, what do you enjoy doing?
I love doing pretty much anything outdoors with my family.  We love to spend weekends out at our family’s farm feeding cows, riding horses, fishing, or berry picking.  Vacations are also big in our family.  We usually camp and love spending time in the mountains or at some of our favorite national parks.

8. What advice would you like to share with new sewists?
Don’t be intimidated!  It took me months to work up the courage to begin that first pinafore that I made for my baby girl and I amazed myself at how easy it really was!  Almost every new project I have started since then has had the same story.  What looks daunting at first, may turn out to be very easy and incredibly fulfilling.  You can do it too!

9. Where can we find you online (FB, Etsy, blog, etc.)?
On Facebook, I am at www.facebook.com/mypocketfullofposies and on Etsy I can be found at www.mypocketfullofposies.etsy.com

10. Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?
I think you’ve all probably heard enough about me, but I would love to hear some of your stories, thoughts, or ideas!  You may contact me through facebook, etsy, or via email at mypocketfullofposies@yahoo.com

Thanks, Patrice. It's so nice to get to know a little bit more about you!! Thank you for taking the time to share with our readers!! Happy 4th, ya'll!!

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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Sewists? I love it!

Great encouragement for someone who is still trying to teach herself to sew--at 51! (My mom tried too, but I hated it then...)