Jul 25, 2012

Be still my heart...

This father's day we enjoyed a really nice time together with family. It started out with a short church service (I missed the entire service due to a nursing baby). Our Father's Day tradition is to eat breakfast at Waffle House. We weren't sure if the awful waffle would work this year with a newborn. Since church ended early, we were able to eat breakfast without any meltdowns. Hubby was thrilled.

One of the WH employees was incredible, very attentive. We called customer service to report his outstanding professionalism on the way home. It made me stop and think. It's so easy to call only with complaints, and I knew that if we didn't call immediately, the chaos of every day responsibilities would take over, and the idea would soon be forgotten.

After we returned home, we enjoyed a round of dress up. Princess is the typical theme. My little love was all afloat in princess couture, when I heard her peep. "Daddy, your princess is coming." A minute later... "Daddy, will you be my prince?" At this point, I could hardly stand it; she then followed with this... "Daddy, will you dance with me at the ball?" We quickly turned on  the theme song to a kid's television show, and daddy and daughter enjoyed a dance, while I caught the entire thing on camera. Oh my. These sweet nothings and perfect moments are fleeting.

I wish I could stop the clock and keep them little, sweet, and so innocent. I hope I will always remember. When she is fifteen and angry at all things authority, most adamantly - her parents - I hope I can remember these moments when mom and dad were the center of her universe - when baby sister was the world's best - When Nana trumped us all. I hope we will remember.

What moments melt your heart??

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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

My son, recently moved home to IL from LA, misses WH already.

Two years ago, we went to an old Taco Bell in a sketchy part of town. It was so clean, and the staff was so kind, and they all looked like they came out of a commercial--their uni's were spic and span. I asked the manager for the customer service number, and he grew concerned. How pleased he was when I quickly told him I was going to call and leave a compliment!

I do that a lot with those little register survey things too--and not just to win a chance at a prize.

You will remember the sweet times, and even when the kids have more surly moments, the sweetest will shine through.