May 2, 2012

Dresses for Orphans

Last year, thanks to an effort organized by another blogger, a vast number of quilter's, worldwide, generously dipped into their personal fabrics, sending yardage to make dresses for orphans in Malawi, Africa.  Over 700 yards of various colors and prints were shipped to the door step of Anita of AMK Creations.

(Dresses packed and ready to go to Malawi, 2011)

This year, Anita is undertaking a second round of sewing for orphans in Africa through her sewing bee. She has already cut 40+ dresses, and Anita's sewing bee plans to assemble the dresses today using our peasant dress pattern. Interested in reading more about Anita's efforts or contributing to the cause?

Click here for the inside scoop, and please pray for the efforts to outfit orphans in Malawi.

P.S. One of the participants in the bee sent us the nicest note.

After using this pattern all day today at Anita's Sewing Bee, I am excited to buy my own copy and get started on making dresses for my own two girls, ages 6 and 8. Anita and I were talking how hard it is to find modest dresses for our girls(and we both shop thrift stores and second hand). This pattern is great, easy to follow(Ive never made dresses, only bags, before today!) THANK YOU for donating the pattern for us to use for the bee. We got a ton of dresses made and they will be a huge blessing to our missionaries/orphans in Africa. Lord Bless.

Want to sew a simple peasant dress? Find the pattern here. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Sewing bee was a HUGE success, and especially in regards to your dress!
Thank you for allowing us the use of your amazing pattern! I have been sewing for many years and have never been able to complete a dress so simply and yet, beautifully, in my entire time of sewing. I only wish I had the pattern when my daughter was smaller.

God bless!