Feb 27, 2012

Reversible Bubble Skirt - Sewing Tutorial

Oh my gosh by golly this is cute!

A bubble skirt has been on my "list" for a couple years now, but I never could decide excactly how I wanted to create the bubble. Making the bubble is like driving. There are several ways you can get to the end, and all routes will reach the same destination. I started playing around, and finally figured out which method I like best.

Hint: NO shirring is necessary.

Are you ready for a reversible bubble skirt?

For girls and dolls!!

I didn't plan to market it as reversible, but it is, and the photographer wanted to shoots pictures from both sides.  

I'm so glad she did!

I think we'll sport one of these on Easter Sunday.

What about you?

The range in sizes is expansive.

 The skirt ranges in size from 18" doll version to size 12.
Ready to bubble??

You'll find this pretty lady first in our online shop, and we'll announce official the release on Facebook. Stay tuned!!

P.S. This spring is going to be full of pattern releases! I'm on a roll with inspiration and ideas. SO, until this baby pops, pattern overload is in store! Unfortunately, I can only handle one test at a time. This pregoo brain doesn't accommodate multiple pattern tests at the same time. Hopefully I'll get all my brain cells back post baby. Some say it never happens. My fingers are crossed.

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