Nov 13, 2011

The Ruffler Foot

I finally broke down and bought a ruffler foot. This bad boy is lifechanging, and the only regret I have is the fact that I did not purchase it sooner!

For anyone who has a ruffler or is thinking about purchasing a ruffler/gathering foot, there is a free tutorial/download on You Can Make This. There is a bit of a learning curve to figuring out your ruffler foot. I have an old school Bernina, and I bought a non-brand ruffler foot. Each machine, make, and model require different feet, so double check the specifics, before placing an order.

Gathering and ruffling are now a breeze. Diaper covers. Ruffle skirts. Sun Suits. Check! It only takes a matter of moments. No longer will I spend hour upon hour gathering ruffles or avoid a project, because it would take too much time to gather. OH - and the ruffles are perfect - absolutely beautiful and equally distributed. You can adjust the amount of ruffle from a little to a lot using settings that gather once per stitch, once per six stitches, and once per twelve stitches.

It will take some time figuring out the kinks to your gathering foot, but once you do, your only regret will be in waiting so long to make the purchase!!

Thanks, Mama Lusco for encouraging me all along!!

Happy ruffles!


jennifer roe said...

thank you for the info. I got my ruffler out of the box today. I spent 15 minutes of frustration and just put it to the side! I needed this!!!!

Ticia said...

I SO want one!

H2Ogirl said...

where did you get yours? And are you still in love with it?

Dodd Diaries said...

Where did you get yours?

Dodd Diaries said...

Where did you get yours?