Oct 29, 2011

Halloween Style

Sarah Boyd Designs made some darling A-line dresses using our newest pattern - the reversible A-line dress!!

Check out the halloween hues and curly cues!

Happy trick or treating to you and yours!

Find the pattern here!

Costume inspiration??
MommALOHA is the costume guru. She took the Baby Doll Twirl Dress and created snow white and an orange which dress (below). I'm working on a princess dress pattern that can be customized to a variety of princess styles. Stay tuned!!

The corset was converted into Rapunzel.

You must check out her shop. She's the costume queen. Custom orders? No problem. Want a matching doll dress? She's your girl. 


Paige said...

They're all adorable!

Laura and Danya said...

You're sweet. You know you are costume crazy when your daughter can wear a different costume to every Halloween party.