May 30, 2011

Pennant Banners

One of my friends recently became an official citizen of the USA. The citizenship process took almost a year and took a ton of work.  She was so excited to pass the tests! I had some red, white, and blue fabric on hand, and quickly cut the fabric into pennants for a larger banner, and I used the scraps for an itty bitty banner.

We surprised her with a celebration party full of red, white, and blue. She was thrilled! Ironically, only weeks after receiving her citizenship, she and her husband received a job offer in Austria. The pennant banner will bring American hues to her new home abroad. It's bittersweet.

P.S. Note our new couch which is in the background of these pictures. Our neighbor sold us her old sleeper sofa, which looks like a Pottery Barn couch. It replaced my husband's old soft that he bought for $25 dollars twenty years ago. It was a total eye sore, but oh-so-comfy. 

We (actually he and my friend's husband) walked this little lady across the street. The best part, aside from the price and convenience, is that the entire couch is slip cushioned, so when the white pillows get dirty, which they certainly will, we can toss the covers in the laundry. Oh - it's also a sleeper, which means we can delay buying guest room furniture even longer. And - our basement no longer looks like a college apartment! My niece, who is currently furnishing her first college apartment, plans to use the 20+ year old couch, and she couldn't be happier with the hand-me-down.
Is anyone interested in a pennant banner tutorial? I used a rotary blade with a scalloped edge, which I LOVE!!

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