Apr 8, 2011

Millie's Market Dress

Official Release!!!

It comes complete with a darling doll design.

I cannot emphasize how easy and fast this is to make. For those of you who sell clothing, this is a must-have. You can whip this out in no-time, and it's a sure-fire winner!! My entire family and our neighbors have said this is their all time favorite. Simple and sweet.

It's hits below the knee and is longer in style.

I heart the double layer, flutter sleeves. Ideal for your little angels.  

You have the option to add an accent/sash as the waist - or not. Sizes 6m -8 are included, plus the doll design.

My fabulous pattern testers whipped these out in no time. Thanks to Hailey Bugs Closet, Comfy Home Creations, Momma Aloha, Sarah Boyd Designs, and many more for all your help!!

Gorgeous fabric combo!

Stay tuned for several new patterns and official releases including a dress up corset top inspired by my wedding dress, a halter romper that I am over the moon about, easy peasy two second adjustable suspenders, and prolly something else I've forgotten!

Did I mention that we have a huge give away right around the corner?
 It's going to be monstrous and will be sponsored by the following:


Rachel said...

I love it!

Mama Lusco said...

Wonderful dresses! Love the classic look :)

Mama Pea said...

Very cute! I can see why it's a favorite! May have to get that one!:-). Gotta finish the skirt though!

mrsmacolsson said...

Ooooh! Am in love! And I have the perfect cotton with old fashioned cabbage rose print....

mrsmacolsson said...

I am trying to buy this, but I can't access the site? Is there a problem, or is the pattern not on sale yet?

Nancy Hamblin said...

Love! Can't wait to make one.

VickiT said...

OOh ADORABLE! Love this one for sure.