Apr 30, 2011

Customer Creations #15

Introducing customer creations - featuring you!!!

Neely's Nest Adorable Apron Knot Dress

Seth and Sophie's Mom made this. It was the second dress she'd ever made. No one would ever know she's a newbie based on the finished product!! I told her that if her lil miss is this cute, and this is only her second dress, she has no hope. She's bound to become addicted to sewing.

Becky made this darling daughter/doll dress set for a local auction. She's also selling them in her shop.

The crazy thing is that I just made a daughter doll set of Knot dresses using the exact same fabric for a local auction. NOT kidding! A few dress details are different, but isn't it bizarre that we both made the same dresses using the same fabric for an auction? 
I assume the auctions were different. Just sayin.

Aren't these adorable?
Good 2B Me Boutique made a sweetie pie dress using tulle!! Very cut and clever.

Darling Deuce Designs is on fabulous fire!

Little Rose Buds Photography  made a sweet little Brooke dress for baby and baby doll!
Snuggle Bugs and Bows made an insanely precious Pinfore and Fancy Pants set!
 I heart these pictures!

She managed to create something that is both elegant and fun!
Fantastic combination.
Faith Hope and Ruffles whipped up another wonder for her wee one!
Butter Beans and Chic Peas used some beautiful fabric to make a pretty Pinafore/Knickers set.

I think this outfit needs to be worn with pigtails!

Pappy Boutique made this vest + appliqued tie combo! It's so hard to sew for boys, but Pappy Boutique is doing a splendid job! Pappy is pretty amazing!

This Two Tier Mini Skirt is oh-so trendy!

 Sarah Boyd Designs has a gift. She is not only and incredible seamstress and photographer, but she also has an excellent eye for fabric. I love this set and the composition.

Bowdacious whipped up a few sets of ruffle pants for her shop. The zebra strips are my personal fave.
Of course, it's hard to beat a baby girl gift set - rodeo style. This is beyond precious. 

Until next time!!!


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

This must be so gratifying for you!


love them as a bouquet, so colorful. I'm sure it brought a smile to their faces..