Feb 7, 2011

Customer Creations # 13

Check it!

Butter Beans and Chick Peas' princess and princes make for a pretty family picture. 

Beth made matching doll and daughter Apron Knot Dresses. This is one of many she made.

Pigtails and MudPies made a nifty knot dress. 

Hailey Bugs Closet is not only a fabulous seamstress, but she is also a talented photographer, self taught. 

Monkey Style Boutique is at it again with colorful sets of coordinating prints and a fabulous, bold applique. Monkey Style recently quit her day job, so she is on Etsy fire!

Caitlin made a Christmas vest... 
that matches mommy!

Cute Little You has a cute little boy with a cute little diaper cover and tie. 
What a ham!

You are all very busy mamas who work hard in so many ways. You care for children. You have careers. You cook and clean. Sometimes you exercise, and often you sew, seam rip, and sell. You care for sick children, and keep your house running. You love and laugh with your husband. 

Take some time for you. You need it. You deserve it, and you are a better mother and wife for it. 

That's it for today, girls. 
I can't wait until next time!


Mama Pea said...

Well, you know it's a good pattern when it looks good in just about every fabric people make it in. So, all your patterns are just great! So cute. Take care of YOURSELF, too!

Mindy said...

Love the cream dress is the 1st pic. Is there a pattern for that one? Thanks!