Jan 25, 2011

Recovering Seat Cushions

This seriously has to be one of the easiest projects ever - recovering seat cushions.

This is the before. 

Have you ever recovered seat cushions? It couldn't be easier. You do not need sewing skills. None. 
You need fabric and a staple gun.

Take some fabric, and cut it a bit larger than your seat cushion.

Grab a staple gun.

I picked up this bolt of upholstery fabric at a yard sale for three bucks. I had NO idea what I would use it for when I made the purchase, but I found a perfect use.

Pull tightly on the fabric, and staple around all edges of the seat cushion. You can remove the existing fabric, or leave it on the cushion. I removed fabric from one chair to use as a template. I stapled all the other seat coverings on top of the existing fabric.

We have four chairs (left photo - below) that came with my grandma's dining room table and two mismatched chairs (right photo - below). Both chairs had different seat cushions. One chair was painted green. I should have taken a before photo, but unifying the seat cushion fabric and stripping/restaining the chairs made a tremendous difference.

Can you believe that the bolt of fabric was three bucks at a garage sale? It covered six cushions perfectly, and I have enough left over that I can use it for additional cushions when my child writes in marker or stomps on the cream colored fabric in mud covered boots.

 You do not have to sew to recover seat cushions.

This couldn't be easier. AND these cushions match perfectly with the place mats my mother in law recently picked up for us.

Have I told you that I have the world's best MIL? Hands down. Yours doesn't compete.

I know MILaws are often the butt of many jokes. Not mine. My mother in law, is a gift. A total God-send. I adore her.

She is a complete blessing. I could not ask for a greater gift.


Mama Pea said...

I dunno...my MIL is pretty dang awesome, too. I really adore here. Aren't we lucky to have such great MILs?

I need to recover my dining room chairs, too. I need to look at them to see how to do it. Mine have piping around the bottom of the cushion, where the cushion meets the wood. I am not sure how that will come off and how to replace it. Ever done that? I've done easier seats before, but I'm afraid these will give me a run for my money. I also think mine need new cushion material. It's been making me thing I should just do slipcovers! But that wouldn't solve the problem of needing new cushion material! haha.

Mama Pea said...

oops. I meant "I really adore her." How come I always make such silly typos?!

Precious Elaine's Mommy said...

I have to agree with you. SO simple, but makes such a difference.

To answer Mama Pea, piping is simple. Just get some bias binding, and some cord. Cover the cord with the bias binding and then sew/tack to where you want it. Not sure if that makes sense, just typing it out quickly.

I'm actually putting together a tutorial on bias binding/piping for my blog (which I'm just starting, so it has been slow).

Hope that helps!


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