Jan 1, 2011

Frugal Finds

Happy New Year!!

Let the resolutions begin. 
Do you set resolutions? I never have, and I probably never will. 

Some people will decide to live a more frugal lifestyle this year. I already live frugally. Always have. 

Do you frequent goodwill or garage sales? Are you a bargain shopper? I'm not a coupon shopper, but I've frequented Goodwill and garage sales ever since I was a kid. People are always shocked when I tell them my coach purse came from GW or my Smith shades were two dollars. Why pay full price?
Check out some of my favorite frugal finds. This Vera Bradley tote was three bucks. Didn't realize it was VB until I brought it home. Selling on ebay for $69. Perfect condition.

The key is finding a goodwill store in a nice area of town. Here are a few of my favorite frugal finds. 
White House/Black Market jeans less than five bucks.

 Nine West boots - $6
Fun scarf - two bucks.
 Brighton Necklace - Nana Lizard and I scored about 25 Brighton ITEMS for forty bucks (total) at a a garage sale. She almost left the entire box, only pulling out a couple items she really liked. I encouraged her to make an offer on the entire lot. It included bracelets, necklaces, and belts. Nana Lizard added up the total value later; it was over $700. This was the one item I kept, as I'm not a big jewelry person, and my mom still regrets letting it go. My mom is a Brighton nut, so she is enjoying almost all the other goods, and we could not believe our STEAL of a deal once we started going through the whole box.
 Patagonia Jacket $5

The photo of this is not the best, but it's my go-to summer wedding dress, Jones New York. Fits like a glove. LOVE it. I spent more dry cleaning this dress after a red wine drip than I did on the dress itself.
Wedding dress for brother's wedding. I was six months pregnant when my aunt picked out this Jones New York dress at goodwill. At that point, I was definitely NOT in the market for wedding attire. Considering the fact that I hate shopping, I had no energy, and I didn't want to spend money on a dress I'd likely only wear once, I decided this dress might be a good option. I could not zip it up for the life of me, but I figured it was worth the risk of wasting $7, if it didn't fit post baby  My high school cousin tried on the dress in the store, as we are similar in size. It fit her, so I took it home. On the day they said I do, the dress was just right, and I wore it to the festive affair! I love the simple rhinestone details on the neck and waistline.

Maybe I'll wear it again... Yeah right...

Terrible photo, but this is a BCBG sweater that came with the tags on it. Brand new. $5. It's now a staple in my wardrobe. I wear it with jeans or black pants. Dressy or casual. So soft and cozy.
Just wait until I post all the freebies I've found. You will die! And at some point, I'll feature all our furniture. We've paid very little for our house full of furniture.

Living frugally is a lifestyle. It's like eating healthy or exercising. It's something you do or should do every day.

 What are your goals for 2011?


sjk said...

I love your blog :) I am very much a frugal shopper,I never chose to go buy something new,why should I when I can find it at goodwill or meals on wheels for way less?every wednesday me and my little girls ages 3 and 2 go stand in line in the bitter cold to get into meals on wheel as soon as they open.One week I found and old fashioned antique sewing machine in a sewing cabinet with a chair,it was missing the bobbin so they marked it down to $15!I was so thrilled :) it even sews leather and canvas,just what I had been looking for :)

Mama Lusco said...

Great finds...especially love your tote and sweater! We love a good thrifted deal, too. I get so much satisfaction saving money, supporting the thrift shops (usually run by charities), and finding treasure in someone's trash. Frugal and love it!

Mormishmom said...

I like the Millie's Market Skirt, but I thought of adding DAY to the name so it's Millie's Market Day Skirt. It's super cute!