Jan 12, 2011

Customer Creations - #12

Words aren't really necessary when it comes to these items made by Little Lizard King customers. 
Check out the talent and creativity not to mention the stellar photos.

whipped up this Catie Dress. It was her first dress ever. Can you believe it?

has a knack for pairing fabulous fabric, gorgeous girls, and perfect pictures.
Her shop is stocked!

made an adorable apron knot dress and peek a boo skirt.

Her little one reminds me of my own. Too cute!

Cute Little You is one of my new favorites, and these shots are magical.

Cute Little You made the most precious fancy pants and lil' guy tie! You can find her on Facebook or Etsy.

I can't believe I've poured over fabric decisions for what seemed like hours, when all I needed to do was use sweet pastels or birthday dots.

Clearly, it's a summer season soiree' in these island photos!
 Are you jealous of the anti-winter weather? I am!
 I'm also jealous of those cute curls!

Check out the lil' skirt that Lil' Mama made this for her lil' model! So sweet and stylish!

Sarah whipped up two sets of dolly and me dresses! I bet they were a big hit!

Seamstress Lauren made this swanky apron! I'm telling you; she is amazing. Aprons have been around for generations, but Lauren's style takes it to the next level of fabulous! 

Nenooh is one of my Australian customers of whom I am very jealous right now, not just because her daughter is darling, but also because she is enjoying summer sun, while we're chilling in the cool cold!

Neely's Nest made this precious pretty!

Mrs. Biloh threw together this Valentines dolly and me matching set, and...

  it's hard to beat Cindy Lou Who style!

Aren't they amazing?

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