Jan 9, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

You will either love this or hate this. There is no middle ground.
I think I've mentioned that we have a pirate room in our house.

the room in our home that is painted all things pirate. 
The previous homeowner painted the full mural herself.
 Trim, doors, everything. 360. When hubby asked if she used a projector on the wall to create the design, she was completely insulted. Should've known she was an artist. Seemed to be a jack of all trades - attorney, Ordained Rabbi, fluent in Spanish. The list goes on. She had two large kilns in the garage, and the house was definitely put together by someone who goes all out with eccentric style.

 One of my friends is an artist ( the one who painted the art table in my daughter's room). She said that if we only have baby girls, she'll transform the room into a mermaid, princess paradise with bows on the boats, and all things girly. I said, "Game on!"
It makes me happy to know that if we only have girls, we can still keep this room.
 When we first looked at the house, I hated every single thing about this pirate room.
I planned to make this room the number one paint priority - a.k.a. remove all things pirate and transform it into neutral, soothing, nothingness.
 However, when the five year old son of a close friend had a full-on, completely engaged, twenty minute conversation with my husband about what was happening on one small section of one wall, it sealed the deal. This pirate mural is perfect for children. We can always paint over this room later, but we can never bring it back. Decision made. For now, it's here to stay!
 A princess castle?
Maybe one day!
Previous homeowner even painted one of her sons into the mural.

The detail is amazing.
I shot these photos right before we filled the room with furniture.

Hubby and I had two empty bedrooms in our home. When we moved out of our little starter condo into our forever home, we tripled the size of our home, and I refuse to purchase furniture to fill space, especially since we need nothing. 

As of this week, we are now storing furniture for two friends. In one of the previously empty rooms, we now have a queen bed and bookshelf. Our friends are having babies and growing out of their home; it resonates familiarity. No problem, now! Our empty room = perfect solution. Friends don't have to sell furniture they will want in the near future, and we have a guest bed. 

Another friend just upgraded her high school boys' twin beds to a queen, but she couldn't bear to permanently part with her twin beds, the sentimental attachment thing. I completely understand. The twin beds are now housed in our pirate room. Simple solutions all around! I doubt she'll want them back, but I think it makes her feel better to keep them in our home rather than sell the beds on Craigslist.

 Do you love this or hate it? It will only be one or the other. There is no middle ground.
I'm excited to hear what you think. I will not be offended if you hate it. I certainly did, at first.

Ahoy, mateys!


K-E Kreations said...

Love it! The details are amazing. A lot of time & love was put into that mural. It's amazing that it stood up so well if she had boys that used the room.

Valerie said...

I love, love, love it! How wonderful to have this in your house. This would have to be my crafting room.

Laura and Danya said...

That room has so much imagination just pouring out of it. I know my princess would be very busy living in that pirate world.

Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

I totally see your dilemma. I wouldn't want a pirate room in my house, but honestly, that mural is AMAZING. You can't paint over it!! Wouldn't it also make a great playroom??

Jansie said...

Love it. Simply amazing! No way you could paint over that. Such love and work went into it. It is absolutely fabulous.

GG With A Twist of Lime said...

I love it! As a 54 year old grandmother I wouldn't want it in my house (however my grandchildren would probably love it), but when my son was younger he would have loved living in a room like this!

Megan "the" Bug Creator said...

I have to say I have found a middle ground. I love it but it is a bit much. I think I would hate the lack of hanging space that all the painted walls would mean. I would hate to hang my sons photo or a mirror over the mural ... Maybe if it was contained to two walls I could deal though and would be happy with it in my sons room!

Harmony said...

While I wouldn't, personally, want a pirate room in my home...I DO love the artistry. The mural(s???) is (are) amazing. The detail is superb. The whole thing is beautiful. Funny thing - I think my 19yr old and 9 yr old daughters would both love it as-is. Without girly frills added to it.

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

This is amazing! The details in the painting are incredible.
Not sure I would want this in a childs bedroom, but definitly a play room! Such a fun place for great imaginary play time:)

Ms Muffin said...

Wow, this is amazing! I am not sure whether I would love to have pirates in my home ... but wow the pictures are awesome!

The Dunn Family said...

My little guy would love it! I'm so glad you didn't paint over it.

Ticia said...

I would NEVER paint over that, it is way too amazing! I love it.

volbabyut said...

I do not hate it. I think it's very interesting. I think it would make a person appreciate the talents of others.I know I have always wanted to have the talent to draw and paint. But I neither!
There is alot to work with there too and I love the girly theme ideas!!!:)

Janice said...

I actually love it. It is amazing.

Mama Pea said...

I would probably feel like you and go, "oh, wow, what will we do with that?!" But I sort of love it that someone would put that much effort and detail into it. I think it's a fabulous room for either a little boy or girl. If I had painted that, I would understand why someone would paint over it, but it would KILL me that they did it. I think keeping it a kids' play room is just a great way to use it. And you can keep the door closed! :-)

Mama Lusco said...

Love it! You are very right in seeing that it's a one-of-a-kind room. Love the parrot over the window. Fun guest room!

Beverly said...

I hate it. Lol! I just plain hate murals of any kind in a home. I too have the kids room that has a mural on the wall - hand painted by previous owner. Guess what it was my NUMBER one thing to get rid of. GUESS what! Its still there 3 1/2 years later. Eek. I hate it. But I hate the work that will come with it. Also Miss Emma seems to enjoy sleeping with her fish on the wall. :) (I do have HUGE plans for her room to be come - PLAIN!)