Dec 7, 2010

Customer Creations #10

The winner of the CSN gift card is Katelynn. Send me an email, and I'll put you in touch with CSN. 

It's time again to feature you and your cute kiddo creations!

Lily Baby Creations whipped up this pretty party dress. Be sure to check out her new blog and shop, not to mention her amazing professional photos. Lily Baby said she finally coughed up the money for professional photos, and her sales have soared.

All of these photos are framers!
 total doll baby...
My Three Monsters  lives on an island, teaches sewing classes at the local fabric shop, and displays her wares in the store. Hello, dream world! 
Can I move to your island? Um, could I just vacation on an island? I'd be pretty pleased with an island vacay...

Darling Deuce is truly out of control on the sensational scale.
(photos by rachel blackwood). DD is another Etsian who is using professional photos.

This sweet pea is compliments of NC Mom Of 3. I'm a total sucker for adorable red-heads.

 Lil Rokker whipped up these ties including the scary skull neck tie - just right for lil rock stars!
Faith, Hope, and Ruffles is on fire with fabric flowers. I'm pretty crazy about them as well. Check out her mad skills and creativity. She thinks outside the box, and I love it!
This is my absolute favorite. Faith, Hope, and Ruffles made every single thing in this photo (bedding, ruffle bums, rocker - even the baby)!

Mrs. Biloh, is a girl after my own heart. She and I seem to use the same fabrics in different ensembles, compliments of Hobby Lobby, of course. I love everything she touches.
 I even love her photos, as the white backdrop (a.k.a. cleared off  kitchen counter) is something I use all the time.
 Double Ruffle Knot Top turned dress...excellent!

Laura is Ms. Impressive. She made a super sweet knot top. 
You really need to check out Laura's blog and her shop. She is inspirational to say the least in so many ways!

Last, but certainly not least, Sarah made this adorable prep school pleated skirt. You'd never know that Sarah is brand new to stitching! Yep - she is a sure-fire sewing sensation with big plans in store (Ana's Pretties is part of her plan.)! I'm so very proud of you, Sarah!

Again... Thank you so much for sharing your sewing show stoppers with all of us. 

I wish you love, joy, peace, and wonderful memories this holiday season with you and yours. Anyone else counting down until the holiday vacay? I am!



Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition said...

love that yellow polka dot skirt!

LambAround said...

Cute, cute, cute! :)