Dec 22, 2010

Apron Knot & Twirly Girly - Doll Updates

These patterns are now ready for 18" dolls:

Apron Knot & Twirly Girly 

 The Apron knot and Catie dresses are my favorite doll size patterns. The pleated skirt is a runner up.
 This represents one week of doll clothes, and the photo was taken after donating several doll-daughter items to a local family our YMCA adopted.
 I'm pawning some of these outfits off on neighbors and co-workers with daughters who are getting dolls this year for Christmas.
 Maybe I should purge some of the larger items that are cluttering our house in addition to teeny-tiny doll clothes.

Question - What patterns would you like to see next with doll dimensions? 

I'm not making any promises. I have about a zillion pages to read over the holiday for a January class - yep - right when I thought down time was in my future, I got a loaded syllabus via email. Required reading = five hundred pages of an encyclopedia sized text prior to each class, which is in addition to papers and projects. 

Making doll clothes is a great diversion. 

Don't forget - if you want a free pattern update before the new year, follow these instructions.

So - what do you want next?


Harmony said...

Wow. That's one heavy class! What class is it, and what degree are you working on?

Ticia said...

I convinced Princess she wants the apron knot dress if I make it in pink....... We'll see how that goes, oh and if I add pockets.

Now to buy the pattern, probably after Christmas.