Jun 12, 2010

Nursing Pads

I made some re-usable nursing pads with cotton batting and fabric scraps. Don't worry; they are not for me, as I'm FINALLY finished nursing. These are going to be wrapped for an upcoming baby shower. They are far from perfect, but they'll buried within big baby basket full-o-gifts.
If you want to DIY, cut out your fabric using a round object (i.e. solo cup or a can of diced tomatoes), I used pinking shears to cut some circles and scissors to cut others.
Cut multiple circles of cotton batting about 1/4-1/3"  smaller in circumference than the fabric. I considered using cloth diapers/burp cloths, but it was cheaper to use cotton batting.
I like to use four layers of cotton batting per nursing pad. Layer the batting between the fabric, and sew the nursing pad sandwich together with a zig-zag or decorative stitch.
If you use coordinating, cute fabrics, you'll have a great little gift.
This is a perfect project for fabric scraps!
Enough about nursing. 

Who's watching the soccer game today?  We're having a World Cup party, and then we're off to a late wedding. 

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Mama E said...

OMG! Why did I not think of doing this? I am about to begin nursing again, and I have baby shower gifts to make. Thank you for the cute, simple tutorial!
-Mama E