May 8, 2010

Lucky Me & Sewing Machines, Mom's Way

I feel so very fortunate to have a mom who sews. I'm also fortunate to have a mom who is my closest friend.

My mom has sewed throughout my entire life. She sewed, smocked, and designed baby dresses for me as a child. She made a gorgeous heirloom Christening gown and several smocked dresses for our daughter.

She designed and created my wedding dress, and she has made tens of incredible quilts through the years, curtains, and more. She started a business making custom couture over twenty years ago, Fancy Frocks. I have vivid memories of clients coming into our home and of grand projects she took on to supplement our family's income. She still has the business license; she just doesn't use it actively at this time.

I remember sewing as a child. With mom's help, I worked on my first quilt with a childhood family friend around age eight or nine. We never finished it, but we each still have the pieces we put together. I've thought about finishing it now for my daughter.

I remember sewing a skirt in sixth grade through a class mom encouraged me to take, and I dabbled in personal clothing alterations throughout high school and college.

I made two quilts in college. One was a wedding gift for a friend. If anyone ever gives you a quilt, I hope you realize that many, many hours are put into the quilt. I always say that quilts are a work of love. We have many treasured quilts in our home, and my mom has many heirloom quilts that my grandmothers and great grandmothers sewed by hand. At some point, I may feature some of our quilts. Sewing is a part of my family. It's in my blood, and I've never pursued it as eagerly as I do now.

Once I became pregnant with a little girl, sewing became much more fun. With less than a yard of fabric, I could create an adorable boutique item. Around the same time, my mom decided to upgrade her sewing machine AND purchase an embroidery module. I have always been a fan of embroidery (- um, who isn't?), and once she added the module, it was game on.  I started embroidering, and with embroidery came sewing.

My mom is the expert I consult with questions. She is my sewing machine, serger, notion, and gadget supplier; she is also my inspiration and the reason I sew.

My mom's machine costs a ridiculous amount of money. It's the Mercedes of sewing machines. Her machine is worth more than my car. (Disclaimer - My car is over 15 years old, and many of your sewing machines cost more than my car.) I would never have that much money to spend on a machine or even think of asking for something so nice. HOWEVER, I love being a benefactor of my mom's extravagant purchase. Heck, even the notions are expensive. I live one mile from my parents, by choice. We are at their home all the time. My mom is delighted that I've taken on this sewing, crafty, embroidery thing so eagerly; she is beyond thrilled and very proud. Plus, it gives her an excuse to purchase more gadgets for the machine. Again - lucky me.

Mom helps me and my crafty friends with anything complicated and over our heads, and wham - cuteness emerges. It seems like something happens once you have children, and the desire to create explodes. I never would have imagined ten years ago that my college buddies and I would get together regularly to sew for our children, and we often gather at mom's house, as she has all the supplies.

Not everyone has a seamstress mom to ask for assistance, so I realized how fortunate I am. One of my priorities on this blog is to share. Anything I make, you can make, too. I try to explain step by step instructions of the items I've created. I know how wonderful it is to find a great gift idea or a cute, inexpensive project, but sometimes it's tough making that first step or figuring out how to tackle a project. I hope to give you the courage and information to take that first step - whether it involves a sewing machine or a bucket of paint.

With the help of blog-land, it's easy to discover creative ideas and easy, personalized, inexpensive gifts.

And, even though many of my projects involve embroidery, and not everyone can embroider, not all of my projects require embroidery. Applique is often just as cute as embroidery if not cuter, and anyone can applique. Even you. I'm serious! So, stick with me on this sewing, crafting, always frugal, creative adventure, and let's see what we can make along the way!

Welcome aboard the Little Lizard King.

Thanks, Mom! I owe all this to you! I love you.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you and yours.

P.S. My mom doesn't really know much about blog land; maybe I should email this to her.


Ticia said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mom.

PS: You can set up your blogger account to email your posts to your Mom, that's what I do for mine.

David said...

Dang sis, you've been busy! That's awesome, you are very creative. I'm glad mom showed me your sites, I love it!

Happy Mother's day by the way, love ya, and cya soon.