Aug 14, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-A-Long, Day 4

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Day 4: Skirt Assembly Next your skirt and I know everyone has their own system on how you sew your garments. Lay your skirt pieces right sides together and sew down one entire side. I then take my skirt to my serger and serge that same side. The stitch from the machine keeps your skirt together; the serger keeps your material from fraying and cleans it up nicely. Lay it out completely flat and iron. Now because I added two different kinds of trims I have to assess my skirt and where I want placement of it. I measure where I want to place my smaller crocheted lace and then iron and measure that entire length of my skirt. (No one said this would be quick) I then pin the entire length of that lace along that ironed line. Believe me you will thank me later for taking the extra time to make sure it’s straight and pretty. STEPHKRNpiecescut Sew that beautiful lace onto that skirt! So pretty. Now if you are adding a ruffle this would be the time that you want to gather your ruffle and add it to the hem. I wanted a statement bottom to this dress so I went with this gorgeous ivory lace. This also will not be quick, you want to evenly disperse that ruffle onto that hem so measure your ruffle in half and pin it to the seam on your skirt first. By doing it this way it ensure that you have even distribution of your ruffle on both sides of your skirt. Pin, pin, pin and sew! I serged my lace and the bottom of my skirt before I added my leather panel to the skirt because of the leather you don’t want to run that bad boy through your serger, you will have needles flying everywhere and may cause more damage to your machine then needed. Don’t even take that chance, just be patient and move slowly! J Once I attached my lace to the hem, I sewed it together, then flipped that seam and ironed it flat giving my bottom a nice French serged seam. I again covered my leather when I ironed with a scrap piece of fabric. Topstitch along the top ensuring that the seam is secured to the skirt. Look back and admire your handy work, you are almost done!! Placing right sides together sew and serge the other side of your skirt and you have a finished skirt ready for gathering! DSC_6671 I choose to always gather two to three rows depending on the thickness of my fabric. I used a linen and it’s not thin or thick so I went with two rows of gathering stitches. Set your machine to the longest stitch it offers and a loose tension, you want to knot one end when you get your rows sewn. Now grabbing the non-knotted ends pull gently and start gathering. Also by sewing two or more rows of stitches if one row breaks, it will save you and you can still manage to finish gathering the entire row. Do this to both sides of your skirt. DSC_6673 Now is when you can assemble your entire dress together!! Almost done! I always place my bodice over the tops of my skirts when I sew them together, it you prefer to do it the other way around but all means, like I said do what you are used to and what you are comfortable with. Pin your sides together first, lining up the seam of your skirt with the seams of your bodice. Then evenly distribute your skirt fabric along the inside of your bodice. Pin, Pin, Pin and then take to your machine and sew making sure you have your leather needle in your machine again as you sew these pieces together. Sew. I stopped once I got to the leather pieces and due to the thickness of it I actually hand fed it through and used my hand dial on the side of my machine to feed that leather through without turning my needle on sewing that leather through slowly without damaging my machine, breaking needles or bending the shaft on my machine. PHEW! Once your bodice is sewn together serge it. Again, I stopped up to the leather, did not and do not serge your leather and continue on. DSC_6675 Iron and topstitch and you are done!! Abby2 Thank you for joining me for the sew along, this is my favorite dress and I hope you enjoyed your week with me! Don't forget to add your finished creations in the KRN album in our LLK CAFE so you can be entered to win a fabric GC or a pattern!!! Abby4-2

Aug 12, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-a-long, Day 3

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Knot Right Now
Sew-A-Long, Day 3
Welcome back!! If you don't yet have this fantastic pattern, find it here!

Now we are going to sew the bodice pieces together to give you that beautiful clean look inside your bodice where there are no exposed seams and it looks pretty! I chose a contrasting fabric for the inside of my bodice so that it would be easier for you beginner sewers to understand how to do this step. Add your straps to the correct measurements and then you want to take your right sides together and line it up.

The orange fabric to orange and the mustard fabric to mustard. Pin all the way down those sides and match it up.

 Sew each side, making sure you reinforce with a back stitch when you start and stop. DSC_6656
 This is what it will look like when finished. DSC_6663
 Flip it right side out and iron. Now you want to topstitch your entire edge along the top of your bodice. Pretty, I love to topstitch, it is just a perfect finishing touch. DSC_6664
Tomorrow we will construct our skirts!! See you then!

Don't forget to post pictures in the LLK Cafe on Facebook!
If you still need the pattern, you can find it here! Use coupon code knotrightnow to save 20%!

Aug 11, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-a-long, Day 2

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Knot Right Now
Sew-A-Long, Day 2
Welcome to the Knot Right Now Sew-a-long. If you don't yet have this fabulous pattern, find it here!

Cutting Fabrics & Bodice Front I am choosing to make my dress with a wide lace band at the hem, please feel free to do a ruffle, lace trim or just leave your hem with a clean line. Cut those according to the pattern directions. Either of these options are perfect in every way, and again, do with whatever moves you. There are moments that I actually spend more time pairing up combinations then what it takes me to sew the actual dress. STEPHKRNpiecescut
 Lets get started on your straps. Your straps for your dress are going to be ironed as if you are making actual bias tape.

Personally I love this way with or without ruffles and your strap is thick, heavier and lays really nicely over the shoulder. You want to iron one end over just a tiny bit so you have a nice clean finish when your strap is completely sewn. Then, iron your strap in half, unfold and take one side, flip it into the middle of the strap where your iron line is from before and iron down again, take the other side and do the same thing and then fold it completely in half the long way so it look like this. Iron is well; use steam if possible or some starch and just let it go. Do this also to your other strap and set aside.

 Lets DECORATE our bodice. steph bodice pieces
I want to explain a little bit about adding a panel in your bodice and the easiest way that I do it. Most of the time I just add a panel of some sort to the top of the entire bodice such as a ruffle, some ribbon etc, but because this is leather and it would look odd sitting on top of my bodice I need to cut it apart. steph bodice pieces steph bodice center
 So how I do that is I iron my bodice in half and then lay my leather piece in the middle of the line and then snip the material at the bottom where the leather is. Now, this entire middle piece will be cut off of the bodice. steph bodicecut   steph bodice cut in halfJPG
 I take it to my machine and clip the leather to the fabric, you don’t want to pierce it with pins, it will leave holes and then I take it to my machine and sew it. stephleathersewingtogther
 Repeat on the other side and do the same thing so you achieve this look when finished. I then take my bodice panel to my ironing board, lay a scrap piece of fabric over my bodice piece and iron flat. You don’t want to directly steam and iron your leather. stephbodicefinished
 Then, take to your machine and finish that panel piece with a pretty top stitch. stephbodicelining
Next, lay your inner bodice piece on top of your original bodice piece and pin together, again not pinning your leather but just your fabrics. Sew along the arm holes and top only. Take this to your iron once finished, turn it right side out, make sure those corners look pretty and iron it down. PRETTY!! ADDING BUTTONHOLES: Ok, this is where if you are doing button holes for the first time or the hundredth time it can get a little tricky for you. I kind of formulated my own system in making button holes for my KRN dresses. I have 2 inches from the leather to the end of the bodice at the top so I measure half way which is an inch and I mark it with a pin, I then measure two inches down and mark it at an inch and a half and mark that with a pin. stephmeasbttonhole stephbuttonplacement
 This is where the bottom of your button will start on your machine. Again, this is the way I do my button holes, if you have another way you prefer by all means, do whatever makes you feel comfortable.
 Add your buttonhole maker to your machine, line it up and let it do its thing. I formulate the same thing for the other side also. stephbuttonholesewing
 Once finished, sit back and admire your hard work, you need to recover from not breathing while you waited for the final reveal. stephbuttonholepretty
Take your handy dandy seam ripper and rip the inside of that button hole apart. Putting a pin along the one end horizontal to catch the seam ripper is a great safety precaution!! stephseamripper
 Go slowly my friend because if you don’t, well I would hate for you to have to start completely over if you rip through. I snip any threads hanging out and then move onto my back bodice pieces and your straps. Admire your front bodice. Tomorrow we will add the straps and construct the entire bodice.

Don't forget to post pictures of your progress in the LLK Cafe on Facebook!
If you still need the pattern, you can find it here! Use coupon code knotrightnow to save 20%!

Aug 10, 2015

Knot Right Now, Sew-a-long, Day 1

Knot Right Now
Sew-A-Long, Day 1

Hi everyone and welcome to the “Knot Right Now” sew along. This is Stephanie here from Rosie Posie Pretty. The Knot Right Now pattern is my absolute most favorite LLK to date. If you don't yet have this fantastic pattern, find it here!

There is just something very sweet and innocent about a knot dress. I remember several years back before I really took sewing seriously that a knot dress is what lured me into sewing boutique style dresses. I love the fun looks you can create and the versatility of layering in cooler weather and also the option of your little one’s dress turning into a tunic a couple of seasons later. This dress is practical for so many reasons. It’s also a great beginner dress for a newer sewer! So let’s get started shall we? We have a Prize sponsor from Threads and Stitches on etsy/fb who is donating a $25 Gift Certificate to the "Fan Fave" and we give other pattern prizes away too! I hope you bought your “Knot Right Now” dress pattern with code: knotrightnow Link to purchase pattern is here on Little Lizard King website where coupon is active. Remember this pattern includes a tunic or dress version and a dolly one too. So decisions to be made and start your sew along journey with us! Prior to getting started get creative. Choose your fabrics, trims and whatever else seems interesting in your stash. I chose a color palette with the Fall season in mind, but be open to whatever moves you. I chose this beautiful picante linen and really wanted to pair it up with a textile that would speak volumes, so I chose the leather scrap. Sewing opens you up to always thinking outside the box and I really love to challenge myself. ☺ material

Don't forget to post pictures of your progress in the LLK Cafe on Facebook!
If you still need the pattern, you can find it here! Use coupon code knotrightnow to save 20%!

Jul 7, 2015

Art Gallery Fabrics & Summer Blog Tour

This is Raedene here from Chasing Mermaids blogging for Little Lizard King! When I heard we were going to hop on another tour with my favorite sewing friends I was thrilled. When I saw the gorgeous prints from Art Gallery Fabrics we had the opportunity to sew with I was ecstatic! Their slogan "feel the difference" is the TRUTH! Check out what my friends over at Lilygiggle, Brownie Goose, Jocole, Ellie Inspired, Izzy & Ivy, and Greenstyle Creations did with their designs and Art Gallery fabrics!

asummer blog tour

The line I chose to use is Happy Home by Caroline Hulse better known as "Sew Caroline"! Here is my inspiration board.
happy home collage
The little houses grabbed my interest immediately. You see this past year we recently moved states from a big city to a small beach town and into our "Happy Home" literally!
happy home-22
After spending many days last fall searching for the "perfect" home for us, we found one that needed lots of updating to become our "dream home". It is not a DREAM home per se....but it is our Happy Home for sure: a block to the ocean and a pool in the yard, what more did we need? Oh right, a tree swing for our tall pines!
happy home-18
This navy print is perfect to showcase our year in the works. We sold a house and a beach condo and then search and searched for this permanent BEACH home. We have been in a lot of adorable houses browsing until we found the ONE! The unique and individual houses on this print are so dainty and fun. This print can reach out and grab interest and find meaning in people's lives for lots of different reasons. The accent yellow print pops so well against the navy and is the perfect blend. The geometric print encompasses all the colors from the entire line and it is such a great way to connect fabrics, colors, textures, and trims!
happy home-25
I created a dress for my little one using a brand new pattern to Little Lizard King that is still in testing. The Knit Twirler has so many fun options: all knit with panels or knit/woven combinations! The bodice is created using Art Gallery knit fabric. These knits have the perfect amount of stretch needed and are so soft! I highlighted the house print by using it as the focal point on the bodice accented with lace trim!
happy home-21
The straps are made using woven fabrics and trimmed again with the same lace. The full knee length skirt is created using four panels I chose two of the prints and alternated them adding a coordinating border on each panel. I accented the whole border with another lace trim. Loving the mix matched prints really lets each stand on its own!
happy home-23
Every little one loves to hide trinkets in pockets so I created the sweetest ruffled pocket to highlight our "happy home" that holds the Heart of our family!
happy home-20
I have so many other dresses in my mind to create with this entire line. I am a fabric lover of images that speak to me. This one does just that! After all, home is where the heart is!
happy home-24
Many thanks to Art Gallery Fabrics for sharing their gorgeous prints with us! They truly to make us all "feel the difference"!
Little Lizard King is finishing up testing of this pattern and would love to give it to someone before they can buy it! Enter to win the giveaway below! Thanks for reading and go enjoy yourself some Art Gallery Fabrics you won't be disappointed!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway
Raedene xo

Jun 17, 2015

Sunsational with Maude Asbury & Blend Fabrics

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Over thirty years ago I met a friend when I moved schools and the rest is history. All the years growing up together and even through the years separated by distance we can still reconnect like we were just decorating our lockers in high school! These special friendships are forever. We moved to the beach and are enjoying having visitors this summer. When Kathy decided to make the trip with her girls I knew I wanted to make coordinating dresses for all four of our girls!
The fabric line I was dreaming of is one I have been in love with since their "coming soon" post on their website! This is called Sun-Sational by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics. Check out the entire line here. It is absolutely perfect for those beach days or any summer vacation dresses. These seven prints inspired the dress designs and the photo shoot! Many thanks to Blend Fabrics for sharing their gorgeous fabrics with us.
In an attempt to give each girl a unique look I used four different Little Lizard King patterns. The first two I decided on were Trendsetter and Marilyn Halter. The Blue Ribbon dress and a new pattern with many options coming soon were my other choice. Two have knit bodices and woven skirt combinations and the other two are all woven. Each girl chose their own dress and fit their personality perfectly!! I used a combination of the above seven prints throughout the dresses.
sunsational collage 8
Another fun way to show of these prints was to create panels with the skirt and have a repeating print pattern all around! The two dresses on the right side were created this way while the left dresses used one print around with accent ruffles! To create a paneled skirt if directions are not provided is pretty simple. Just take the total circumference and divide by how many panels you would like taking in to consideration the seam allowance with sewing up each panel. A great way to use up smaller cuts of fabrics.
sunsational collage 6
This was a very special photo shoot as our girls were meeting for the first time as they live a thousand miles apart in two different countries! They instantly became friends. Just like their moms' lifelong friendship.
sunsational collage 4
The colors in this line are so vibrant and colorfully detailed and the way each coordinates so well really allows for amazing creativity in designing! I love how all four dresses look so different while all in the same fabric line.
sunsational collage 2
In the Marilyn Halter and Trendsetter patterns below I decided to add some detail work to highlight the designs of these prints. Accented with some fun trim and one of a kind dresses are created! Both of these dresses were perfect choices for two girls I only had measurements for as they are easy to adjust with a halter top and adjustable back looper straps. Needless to say the fit is great!
Our days were filled with swimming in the ocean and spending amazing time together. Our evenings were spent under this gorgeous sunset by the sea running, playing and having fun with new friends.
Who loves their dresses? We do! We do!
Go grab your patterns from Little Lizard King and prints from Blend Fabrics and share your amazing creations with us!

Apr 29, 2015

Everyday Play Skirt, Sew-A-Long, Day 5

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Everyday Play Skirt Sew a long Day 5
Today we are finishing our skirts! Go grab you waist band and your skirts. I started by sewing my band and ironing. Next I added a few buttons onto one of the bands. After I added a gathering stitch to gather the skirt although you can use clear elastic if you prefer.
Now go ahead and sew in place. I stitched in in place and finished the edges with my serger. I sewed around the skirt and then flipped it and back stitched to lock my stitches in place. You do not have to do this but I like to when working with knits.

You did it! You have just completed your Everyday Play Skirts. Lets show then off using #EPSSAL
Thanks for joining in on the fun!

I paired all of the skirts with the Perfect 10 if your looking for an adorable top to go along!
Also make sure you stop over and Thank Andover Fabrics for sponsoring this Sew-a-longs prizes!
Thanks for Sewing a long!
Heather- Leslie's Lavish Boutique