Feb 13, 2015

Perfect Ten Top - BLOG TOUR & New Pattern Release

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blog tour header Wohoooo!!! We're kicking off an amazing release of the most AWESOME knit top pattern ever: The Perfect Ten!!! To keep the excitement going, there will be an all-star blog tour the entire week long! The Perfect Ten is a jam-packed pattern with 6 bodice options, 4 sleeve options, 5 sleeve length options, 2 hem options, 2 neckline options AND is for sizes 12 months through girls 14!! Talk about the PERFECT pattern! If this is your first dip in the knit pool, have no fear- lots of great tutorials and tips will be shared throughout the blog tour. And, without further ado- we've got Jessica B from JAB Creations here to share with you how she does her stellar enclosed neckbands. She does almost exclusively knit items for her clothing shop, and they are always top-notch garments made with a great, professional finish! Keep reading, the blog tour links are posted at the end and you won't want to miss out!!! Blog Tour Schedule Hi, my name is Jessica and I am the owner and creator at JAB Creations Clothing. I have only been sewing for 3 years but took to knits about a year ago and truly explored and learned a lot. They are truly not a scary thing at all! My first knit project was a huge fail!!! I could not even get the shirt on my daughter due to the hole being too small. Needless to say I had many fails and gave up for awhile. However I gave it another shot and with the help of Little Lizard King I have truly learned the art of knit and bindings! Step 1: Cut your binding as indicated in the pattern. Fold short ends together and sew with a zig zag stitch creating a tube. jab Step 2: Find the 4 quarters of the neckline and put pins in those areas. The back seam will be your starting point. Take your Binding and attach it to the bodice matching the center back of the bodice to the seam of the tube binding. Then match the other 3 quarter points. Pin in between the points stretching slightly. Then sew with a zig zag stitch. It should look like this after sewn on. jab2 jab3 Step 3: Next you are going to fold your binding wrong side to wrong side so that it touches the edge of your bodice. Then flip it over and use the amazing magic clips. If you don't have magic clips don't fret, it is still possible with pins but your life will be a million times easier with magic clips. Fold and clip all the way around the bodice. jab4 Step 4: You are almost done are you excited! Ok, so last step is sewing it. I will be honest this is the hardest step but with patience and taking your time it is possible. First things first, if sewing with a sewing machine I am going to suggest this random foot (I think is a stitch in the ditch) that works wonders for me. you are going to be sewing on the right side of the fabric which can be tricky since you have to catch the binding on the wrong side. jab5 So go slow, use your fingers to make sure the bottom is covering your original zig zag stitch (great way to tell if it will catch), and just slightly give some tension as you go. Do not pull. Tension and pulling are different. For this I use a 3.5 inch length stitch. Since I use this special stitch in the ditch I have to move my needle all the way to the left on my machine. So I move it to the left, lower my presser foot so that is butted up against the seam of the binding and bodice, and I go slowly. Sew around and you are done!!! jab6 Did you miss catching areas? If so, use your finger to rub then somewhat over the seam on the inside and stitch just over that area making sure to stitch over your original stitches. That will allow it to look clean and barely noticeable on the outside. the inside is not always going to be pretty but it is functional. If you have a coverstitch machine try doing this technique with it as well! I have the janome 1000cpx and use my 3rd needle to the left and a center guide foot and it is magic! jab7jab8 Thanks for letting me give you some insight on my love of binding and knits! Good luck; you can do it!!!    
The Perfect Ten Knit Top Blog Tour
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Monday, February 16th: Oh Sew Chic with Daydream Believers
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Wednesday, February 18th: A Knit Panel and Flutter Tutorial by Chasing Mermaids
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Peggy Sue Dress Sewing Pattern, Sew-A-Long - Day 5

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Hello and Welcome to Day 5. The LAST DAY! So we finished the Top and Skirt and now we are going to bring them together (love bird-it is Valentines after all). So grab your favorite beverage and snack and lets go and finish up Attaching Bodice to Skirt: 34)Mark the skirt into quarters with pins as shown below-This will help for the next few steps IMG_1205 35)Take your bodice and flip upside down and match raw edge (or the edge you serged) of bodice and raw edge of the skirt making sure you have right side to right side. **Bodice will be on the outside of the skirt*** IMG_1216 36) Start Pinning by Matching Side seam of Bodice with one side seam of skirt. Continue Pinning all the way around the skirt. My bodice side seam matched the other side seam of the skirt. Your bodice back will overlap- Make sure the back bodice side that has the ELASTIC LOOP is ON TOP after it is flipped up. The back bodice side with the elastic will be closest to the skirt IMG_1221 IMG_1223 IMG_1227 IMG_1224 37)Start sewing at side seam and sew all the way around. IMG_1231 38)Flip it up, love it and now flip it back and serge or pinking shears 39)Now you can flip it up , Iron and Top Stitch- eeek!!!!! Almost time for the Happy Dance! IMG_1236 40)Last Step decide where you want the button- sew it and DONE! **I like to use Wonder Tape to hold button. IMG_1238 Please please please share what you made with use on LLK Cafe Facebook Page. Congratulations!!! 41) HAPPY DANCE!!! IMG_1267 Thank you Little Lizard King for allowing me to host your Peggy Sue Sewalong! Also Thank you to RJR Fabrics , your fabric was a dream to sew with and I look forward to many more projects with your fabric!! Don't forget #PSSAL on Facebook.

Feb 12, 2015

Peggy Sue Dress Sewing Pattern, Sew-A-Long, Day 4

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Hello Ladies!! I hope you have been sharing on LLK Cafe Facebook page. I know I am loving what everyone is doing. Ok day 4 - we are going to Work on the Skirt Skirt: Option: adding a ruffle- see pattern instructions. 27) Grab the 2 skirt pieces you cut on day 1 and fold each in half widthwise. Right sides together. IMG_1172 28)You will now need to use either a measuring tape or ruler and a fabric pen to cut the circle skirt from the fabric you just folded in half. Use the Skirt Length measurement found on the Measurement Chart (page 3). For example I am making a size 7/8- my skirt length needs to be 22". Using a fabric pen and ruler or tape measure start at the top corner of the folded fabric and mark the required skirt length. Make several marks and then connect them to make a curved line. IMG_1174 IMG_1178 IMG_1182 IMG_1183 IMG_1184 IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1180   29)Cut Curved line IMG_1188 30) Now Grab your pattern piece . place on top corner and cut. ***Important to be exact cuts so that it will align with your beautiful top properly. IMG_1189 IMG_1196 31)Bring the two half circle skirt and place then right side together and sew along both raw edges. 1/2" SA. Serge edges or zig zag or pinking shears if you do not have a serger. IMG_1199 32)Serge bottom of skirt and hem. If you do not have a serger fold over a 1/4" and fold over again 1/4" to enclose raw edge. option: rolled hem, ruffled edge - see pattern instructions **Now is the chance to add options like Ric Rac or Ruffle - See instruction for more details, Alright ladies that is it for day 4! I will see you back for tomorrow for day 5 and we will attach the skirt to the bodice. -Alexis

Feb 11, 2015

Peggy Sue Dress Sewing Pattern, Sew-A-Long Day 3

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> > Hello, > > It is Day 3 of the Little Lizard King Sewalong Hope everyone is excited to be back and finish the Bodice. So grab your beverage and snack of choice and here we go... > > Finish joining the main bodice fabric and liner: > > 13)Grab your Main fabric and Lining and place them on top of each other (Right Sides Together), Pin well and sew around neckline and BOTH arm holes with 1/2" SA. **Do not Pin and Sew the back bodice . > > IMG_1055 IMG_1065 > > 14)Trim down excess fabric- I like to use Pinking Shears > >   > > Back Bodice: > > 15) You will need 1/8" elastic cut into a 3" piece. A little trick is tie the elastic in a knot at the end to help hold it in place (Thanks Amy) > > IMG_1073 > > 16) Decide what side you want the elastic and Place the Elastic 1" from the top of the back edge. Pin and close the bodice and sew down both sides. > > IMG_1082 > > 17) Flip that baby out, Iron well and enjoy the view!!!!! > > Sash: > > 18) Grab your 2 sash pieces and fold in half right sides together and Iron. Cut a diagonal line off one end of each sash piece. Sew along long edge with 1/2" SA and trim excess fabric. > > IMG_1092 IMG_1098 > > IMG_1105 > > 19) Turn right side out and top stitch (great time for edger foot) > > IMG_1110 > > 20)Open your bodice like this: > > IMG_1120 > > 21)Take both sash pieces and match raw edges with raw edges of front bodice side seams and sew > > ***You need to make sure your sash is at least 1/2" from the bottom edge. Otherwise it will get stuck in the skirt when you try to attach it. Silly me I did not and got to the end and had to pick out my serged thread and Cinch (ruffle) up the sash. I would blame it on the wine but I was not drinking any!! To double check measure 1/2" from the bottom edge and end your sash there. (Don't let the serged edges confuse you, that part will come later) > > IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1161 > >   > > IMG_1122 > > Bodice: > > 22) Now we need to attach the front bodice and back bodice at the side seams. Flip open the layers like this: > > IMG_1132 > > 23) Now match Right Sides together along side seams. You will match main fabric with main fabric and lining with lining. It will look like this: > > IMG_1127 IMG_1128 > > 24) Pin and Sew with 1/2" SA > > IMG_1141 > > 25) Iron Seams open or trim down bulk. The seam is enclosed so there is no need to serge plus that can add bulk > > 26) Top stitch- neckline, armhole and down the back seams (another great time for the edging foot) > > IMG_1149 > >   > > 27)Serge (or zig zag stitch if you do not have a serger) the bottom raw edge > > IMG_1168 IMG_1165 > > All right ladies you are DONE with the top (we will put a button on at the end)!!!! Wow!! Looks great, right ??!! > > See you Tomorrow for Day 4!!! Eek we are getting so close . We will work on the skirt next. > > -Alexis > > Sent from Windows Mail > > From: Alexis Wright > Sent: ‎Monday‎, ‎February‎ ‎9‎, ‎2015 ‎7‎:‎36‎ ‎PM > To: Raedene Averitt > > Welcome back for Day 2 of the Little Lizard King Sewalong - Peggy Sue Dress/Tunic > > Plan for Day 2: Cutting and Starting your Bodice > > *So if you are ready with your Beverage and snack of choice, lets get STARTED!!! > > Cutting: > > Grab your pattern and cut that baby out!: Front Bodice (liner and main), Back bodice (2 main and 2 liner), bib, ruffle for the bib, sash and rectangles for skirt (don't cut them into circles yet-that is left for day 4) > > IMG_9363 > > Bodice: > > 1) Grab your center sash piece and fold the top over 1/4" > > IMG_0987 > > 2)Place Wrong side of Sash on top of Right side of Front Bodice- Top Stitch > > IMG_0993 IMG_1001 > > My Favorite Foot to use is the #10 edging foot. I have a Berninia Sewing machine (Love it!) So if you don't have one go check out if your machine has a similar foot. I don't know how I sew without it! > > Bib: > > 3)Grab your Ruffle piece take it to the Ironing Board fold in half lengthwise and iron it. > > IMG_1002 IMG_1005 > > 4) Ruffling the Ruffle Piece: > > There are several ways you can ruffle: Ruffle Foot, 2 rows of basting stitch, Serger or Zig Zag/thread method. I have used every method and for me personally I like the ruffle foot. For small areas of ruffling I like to use the basting stitch method. I will me using my ruffle foot on this Sewalong. You can adjust the depth of the ruffle and how many ruffles on your fabric piece. You could do a test piece but I don't typically do that. I usually just cut the piece longer then asked to assure I have enough fabric. > > IMG_1011IMG_1010IMG_1009IMG_1016 > > 5) Take your ruffled fabric and place on top of the right side of bib matching raw edges. Pin in place and sew using 1/2" Seam Allowance (SA). > > IMG_1020 IMG_1023 > > Option: Ric Rack material > > 6)Flip ruffle out and iron > > IMG_1029 > > Bodice: > > 7) Next let take the bib and center it directly on top of the front bodice, Wrong side of Bib to Right side of bodice > > IMG_1033 > > 8)Pin and Top stitch the bib to the bodice (great time to use your edging foot) > > IMG_1036 > > 9) take a minute, grab your drink or cupcake and look at your beautiful top coming together. :) :) :) > > **Options: This would be the time you can add embroidery, buttons, trim, etc to the front. Just don't forget the 1/2" SA at the neckline (mine does NOT show that- shame on me!) > > IMG_1044 > > Ok, moving on... Put the wine down Ladies! > > 10) Grab the front bodice and both back bodice pieces. With right sides together match the shoulder at sew using 1/2" SA. > > IMG_1048 IMG_1050 > > 11) Repeat with Front and Back lining > > 12)Iron the seams open > > IMG_1053 > > That is it for Day 2! Please Share and use #PSSAL > > -Alexis